Practice Report: Los Angeles Ironmen

Paintball Access checks in with the Los Angeles Ironmen as they prepare at Camp Pendleton for the rapidly approaching PSP Dallas Open. Shane Pestana has returned to lead the team, and he has brought over a bunch of young, hungry Royalty players who are trying to earn a spot. Listen in as Alex Goldman, Marcello Margot, and the rest of the Ironmen try to sharpen their skills in order to forge a winning team again.

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  • red

    Siiiicckkk!! Definitely looking forward to the Ironmen stepping on the field this season. Always been a fan of the Ironmen franchise growing up, even being from Nebraska hahaha. I’m hoping the merger with Royalty and having Shane P. back with a hand on a part of the reins that we will see nothing but good things. Best of luck boys. BLOODYKNUCKLS!! BLOODY! KNUCKLES!

  • Junior Cabrera

    You boys are looking sharp this year! Good luck