Fantasy Paintball

The Battle for the PSP Dallas Open begins March 14th! Join PBA’s Fantasy Paintball league, pick your squad and get into the fight!
Fantasy Paintball Beta by Paintball Access offers two fun and easy ways to pick a team and play along while the PSP Professional Champions Division goes down: Fantasy QuickPick and Fantasy Draft.

Fantasy Draft: Follow along with the PSP Professional Division all year long! Get together with at least four of your friends and create your very own Fantasy Paintball League! Many settings are customizable, including how many players each team will draft, how many bench spots you will have for each event, and more. Once your friends have joined your league, get ready for a LIVE DRAFT! Choose your players in real-time after reviewing all of the player stats, and pick your team wisely in order to beat everyone in your own custom league.

Fantasy Quickpick: Fantasy Quick Pick is a fun, fast, and easy way to compete against over 6,000 people for the chance to win a DM-14! Using your knowledge of the PSP Champion Division team rosters pick the 8 best players for your lineup, without spending more than $25,000, and then follow along with your team as the best paintball talent in the world competes at the PSP Dallas Open, March 14th-16th. We’ll be updating live throughout the event so you can track your team’s progress.

This year looks to be the most exciting PSP season ever, with many of the top teams changing their rosters in the offseason any of them could make a run for the coveted PSP title. There’s no better way to stay involved at home and follow all the drama in the Pro Paintball fight then picking your own roster and playing PBA Fantasy Paintball!

Best of all, Fantasy Paintball is free! Sign up today!

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