2014 PSP West Coast Open Field Layout

It is the single most important field layout of the season, hands down, for the professional divisions. The West Coast Open layout is either the gateway to or the single thing keeping them from playing to win the World Cup. Pro Champion teams competing in the PSP West Coast Open August 8 – 10, 2014 MUST finish in the top 8 to earn one of the 10 spots in the World Cup’s Professional Champions Division. The bottom two performing teams will play in World Cup, but in the Challengers Division, with no chance of winning what they have been working toward their entire career.

Then there are the Professional Challengers competing in the West Coast Open – such as 2013 World Cup Champions San Antonio X-Factor, 2014 Dallas Open Champions Los Angeles Infamous and 2014 Mid Atlantic Open 3rd place team Chicago Aftershock . They have to place in the top two of their division against seven other professional teams all fighting for that one chance – to win World Cup. Only two can move up into the Champions Division for World Cup, and it is this very layout that will play the largest role in determining which of these teams will get that chance.
To say these players will be studying, analyzing, visualizing, walking, playing, drilling and redundantly, relentlessly practicing to master this layout would be the understatement of the season.
So here it is, your homework for the next three weeks… the 2014 PSP West Coast Open Field Layout


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  • nick

    Dorito side looks like its guna be tough to get to alive haha.

  • Alec

    Dude honestly this field layout is very nice. Snake is very well setup and covered, whoever is playing home has plenty of places to bump up to, and D side will be a little tuff to get to, but otherwise very nice setup

  • Phinx

    Lay out looks really good,alot of options for the pros.