Year In Review: Baltimore Revo

Ranked 15th Overall – Baltimore Revo
Dallas: 5th* MAO: 2nd* Chicago: 15th West Coast Open: 12th

2014 Record (4 events): Division One – 9 wins 4 losses
Challengers Div. – 7 wins 3 losses

There is an understanding in the sport of paintball, a maxim that has been seen over and over again throughout the history of the sport: no matter where you are from, or what level you start at, if you work hard enough, believe if yourself and your teammates, one day you can make it to the pro division. The paintball gun is the great equalizer; size and strength are mostly irrelevant. Winning in the pro division is a whole other issue, but in order to win a top level pro tournament, you have to make into the Champions Division first. That’s the position Baltimore Revo finds itself in on the eve of PSP’s World Cup. Revo is the newest success story in the game and they have had an amazing run up the ranks this season. Though we have yet to see them earn a pro win, we can call them a success because they have now achieved a goal they set out for back in 2008: make it to the highest level in the game and have a chance to win a World Cup.

What makes Revo’s entrance into the highest level of paintball competition astounding is that they started the year in Division 1, playing two events there, not winning either one (though they did take 2nd to DC Devastation in Maryland) before moving up into the Challengers Division when Texas Storm had to bow out after event #2. If you look at their year game by game, you find a team who has proven hungry to accept the biggest challenge they can find, and who has done very well against some of the best teams in the sport at different levels of competition.

Revo has been working its way up the Divisional ladder for years starting all the way down in Div. 5. They did well, moving up the ranks, winning events along the way and slowly morphing their style. Once known strictly as a defensive team, they have evolved their style and shown the aggressive tenacity needed at times to succeed at the higher levels of the game. The best teams in the sport have the ability to morph their style to fit the layout, and the team they are playing.

We saw this play out in Revo’s big win over Infamous in the semi finals; one of the most dramatic games of the year. Down by two with 5 minutes remaining, it looked like Infamous was in control of the match. But Revo was still able to come back and win the game in the final moments because of a fearless move by Mike Baker with 15 seconds to go. Though the game ended on a controversial Damien Ryan penalty, giving Revo the win, they kept themselves in the match by capitalizing on Infamous’ mistakes and creating opportunities.

Here is Revo’s World Cup Webcast prelim schedule (all times are Eastern), and their record vs. each team this season:
Friday 2:15 pm vs. Upton 187 (0-0)
Friday 3:45 pm vs. Edmonton Impact (0-0)
Saturday 2:15 pm vs. Tampa Bay Damage (0-0)
Saturday 3:45 pm vs. Omaha Vicious (0-0)

Notice all of their prelim games are against teams they haven’t played this year, though Revo has beat Infamous, X-Factor, and lost to Art Chaos by one point this season; all teams that have won Champions Division events in the past 12 months.

They’ve built a great team that is deep across the board and Revo has solid attackers in all the front positions and strong support players like Henry Sentz. On this snake heavy layout look for players Steve Omara, and Keegan Ingram to be pushing the attack, backed up by John “LJ” Hartman, and Patrick Fong. On the D-side they have Mike Baker, who was the team’s hero during their come-from behind victory to get them into the Champions division. Win or lose Revo has shown great heart making it this far, and the franchise has a very bright future in front of them as a professional paintball team, if they can keep this talented crew together. If you love an underdog story, then this is the team for you to follow come October 10th.

Here is Revo’s year broken down to the individual tournaments. Note how they’ve outscored their opponents in total points at every event.

Dallas Open (Division 1): W/L 4-1
W Philly Energy 3-1
W San Diego Pirates 5-2
W RNT All Starz 4-3
W Hustle 5-2
Quarter-Finals: L VcK II 1-5

Result: 5th
Point totals, for/against: 15 – 12

Mid Atlantic Open (Division 1): 5-3
L New England Avalanche 2-3
L New York Outlaws 2-5
W L.I.F.T. 5-1
W VcK II 4-0
Ocho-Finals: W Calgary Thunder Buddies 5-0
Quarter-Finals: W ac Dallas 3-2
Semi-Finals: W Porland Uprising 4-1
Finals: L DC Devastation 1-2

Result: 2nd
Point totals, for/against: 26 – 14

Chicago Open (Challengers Div.): 2-2
L Houston VcK 4-6
W Seattle Thunder 7-0
W Chattanooga CEP 6-3
L Art Chaos 6-7

Result: 15th
Point totals, for/against: 23 – 16

West Coast Open Performance (Challengers): 5-1
W Chattanooga CEP 6-5
W San Antonio X-Factor 6-5
W Red Storm 7-3
W Boom 5-1
Semis: W Los Angeles Infamous 5-4
Finals: L San Antonio X-Factor 4-6

Result: 12th (2nd in Challengers Div., moves into Champs Div.)
Point totals, for/against: 33 – 24

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