Year in Review: San Antonio X-Factor

Ranked 6th Overall – San Antonio X-Factor
Dallas: 3rd MAO: 5th Chicago: 9th West Coast Open: 11nd

2014 Record (4 events): Champions Div. – 8 wins 6 losses
Challengers Div. – 5 wins 1 loss

Since dropping down to the Challengers Division after a disappointing finish in Chicago, San Antonio X-Factor dominated the lower pro Division at the PSP West Coast Open, completely destroying Aftershock in their semi finals match up. They did lose to Baltimore Revo in their first prelim game, but they avenged that loss by solidly beating Revo in the Final. So, X-Factor is back in the PSP Champions Division, the hardest test in paintball, just in time to defend their 2013 World Cup victory.

X-Factor’s roster is virtually the same as it was during their World Cup win, and they’ve proven capable of victory with this crew in the past. The only real difference from the WC Champion roster is Mykel Kovar coming back this season from spending a year with Moscow Red Legion. Colt Roberts is a wrecking ball on the D-side and up the center, and Archie Montemayor has a huge lead on the rest of the league in the running for the PBA Top Gun award; the numbers he’s put up this year have been nothing short of astonishing. The one–two punch of Roberts and Montemayor has always given opposing teams a hard time. When they are both playing their best, X-Factor is a hard team to beat.

Since X-Factor plays best on the attack, this aggressive layout should work to their favor, as long as the snake side is handling their business. As with every team on this layout, how well X-Factor does will come down to their performance in the snake. They have a great snake presence with main attacker Billy Bernacchia, who’s been playing the same position on different teams over the past decade, and he’s been doing well for X-Factor the past few seasons. Also, the level of play Meter Ninios and Mykel Kovar bring will effect how X-Factor performs, as they will most likely be attacking the snake side as well. Another good thing going for this team is Grayson Goff and Scott Kemp on the D-side. They are both veterans who should do well on this layout because they can play off the chaos going down on the snake side, in those moments when the guns shift from them. Kemp and Goff are heads-up players who will take advantage of the openings.

Though very dangerous with their experienced line-up, X-Factor has gotten off to slow start at most of the events this season; they lost both prelim games on Friday in Chicago and Maryland, and lost their first game to Revo in Riverside. The boys from Texas are going to be very hungry to get back onto the podium in the first event back in the Champions Division, and the PSP World Cup presents their biggest opportunity of the year, but they need to get off to a faster start than they have at the last three events.

Here is X-Factor’s World Cup prelim schedule (all times are Eastern), and their record vs. each team this season:
Friday 9:45 am vs. Moscow Red Legion (0-0)
Friday 11:15 am vs. LA Ironmen (0-0)
Saturday 8:15 am vs. Houston Heat (0-1)
Saturday 9:45 vs. Art Chaos (0-0)

All but one (Houston Heat) of their prelim games are against teams they haven’t played this year. Here is X-Factor’s year broken down to the individual tournaments.

Dallas Open (Champions Div.): W/L 4-1
W Texas Storm 7-4
W Edmonton Impact 7-0
W Tampa Bay Damage 7-6
W Los Angeles Infamous 7-5
Semi-finals: L Omaha Vicious 6-7

Result: 3rd
Point totals, for/against: 34 – 22

Mid Atlantic Open (Champions Div.): 2-2
L Upton 187 Crew 2-5
L Tampa Bay Damage 1-2
W Edmonton Impact 4-2
W Omaha Vicious 3-2

Result: 5th
Point totals, for/against: 10 – 11

Chicago Open (Champions Div.): 2-3
L Houston Heat 5-7
L San Diego Dynasty 2-7
W Tampa Bay Damage 5-4
W Upton 187 cRew 7-0
Relegation: L Omaha Vicious 4-7

Result: 9th
Point totals, for/against: 23 – 25

West Coast Open Performance (Challengers): 5-1
L Revo 5-6
W Boom 7-1
W CEP 7-1
W Red Storm 6-0
Semis: W Aftershock 7-0
Finals: W Revo 6-4

Result: 11th (Won Challengers Div, move back into Champs Div.)
Point totals, for/against: 38 – 12

Overall Record: Champions Div. 8 Wins 6 Losses
Challengers Div. 5 Wins 1 Loss

Player Stats Overall (3 Champion Events):

Top five:                               Points Played            Kills          Grating
1st Archie Montemayor                 110                   118              1.07
20th Colt Roberts                         108                      85               .79
31st Demetri Ninios                        61                      24               .39
34th Dixon Yang                             33                      18               .55
36th Scott Kemp                             85                      49               .58

Everyone else:
42nd Grayson Goff                        51                        26                .51
86th Billy Bernacchia                     74                        33                .45
88th Mykel Kovar                           69                        28                .41

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