• Thad Castle

    looks like tim, ryan, yaya, monville, taylor and anyone else who isn’t chad george, moorehead or the russians isn’t going to get 1 spin this year.

  • Tiffany

    Where’s the Download button? Ack, I want to listen to this tonight. Love your show Matty!

  • jalenpaintball

    like tiffany said where is the download button

  • jalenpaintball

    where are all the paintball rally’s at !

  • Nathan

    I know that I asked you this on Instagram but when will the next one be out! I love these things! Im a contractor and I listen to these all the time! So just curious when the next one will be out!

  • Sven

    Yaya shoulda been the first one who was cut. Glad he’s fine with ‘playing that role,’ but that doesn’t mean others should have to follow b/c they want PT.