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Jacob-Edwards-31 October 31, 2013

In the first move of what could be an intense off-season of roster changing madness, Jacob Edwards, formerly of Houston Heat, will be heading back to the team he began his career with, Tampa Bay Damage. Continue reading

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PBA-WCO-top-5-Winfluence September 5, 2013

How does your presence on the field affect your team’s Winning Percentage? This is what the Winfluence statistic measures– your personal Win Influence. Continue reading

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PBA-WCO-top-5-Win-Rating September 4, 2013

“Stay alive!” is one of the most often heard mid-game phrases in paintball. If you’re getting shot out without shooting anyone, you’re obviously not helping your team win. Continue reading

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Jacob Edwards 2 June 3, 2013

Jacob Edwards is the best paintball player in the world under 20 years of age. In fact, he’s just about … Continue reading

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edwards-heat May 30, 2013

PRESS RELEASE FROM: Houston Heat Expands Family HOUSTON, TX – Thursday, May 30, 2013 – Houston Heat has signed … Continue reading

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#31 Jacob Edwards of Tampa Bay Damage at 2012 MAO September 20, 2012

Injury Report Jacob Edwards, of Tampa Bay Damage, currently ranked 21st in the overall player rankings, severely sprained his ankle … Continue reading

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