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  • Ptit Dave from Triade

    i’m waiting from France! thanks you!

    • Jorge

      Good job Tampa.. watching from Mexico !

  • peter

    i’m waiting for the painting to start.  From Adelaide, South Australia

    • Sutters

       lol waiting from sydney here!~

  • Dude from NZ

    waiting from NZ

  • Dude from Swe

    any 1 know when it starts in European time? 

    • Dude from Swe

      ahh got it! 14, 30 “swedish” time! cet +1 that is!

  • Jochem_vv

    Yeah baby…. Lets watch paintball!!! Greeting from Holland

  • Alex Diz

    waiting from Belarus, Minsk)

  • Havard Hansen

    waiting from Norway!

  • Krisnalbahr

    waiting from Russia eee!!

  • Teddy

    waiting from ohio!

    • Disco Dave67

      I am just seeing a black screen. Is this the same for you ?

      • Teddy

        Yes that says stream is off

        • Disco Dave67

          Oh ok. Thanks

          • Teddy

            does yours still say that? cause mine does:(

    • Nickdout

      Waiting from California

  • Kwakkie

    waiting from germany!

  • Ureuter81

    Waiting from germany also!!! C’mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Disco Dave67

    Waiting in Aylesbury England

  • Gomes

    Waiting from Funchal, Portugal!

  • Teddy

    Does everybody elses say stream is off too??

  • Ellse_matias

    waiting from denmark

  • Samir1sjoqvist

    Should it be all black now?   Waiting from Sweden

  • Damien_gau

    waiting from France ! When will it be diffused the first game ?

    • Qsdfsd

      14h30 ;)

  • Rabstu

    waiting in uk for it to start any idea what time 

    • Tonper

       sould have by now !!wtf??

  • Steelers

    waiting from Belarus

    • Alex Diz

      + )))

  • Geremy Soares

    i waiting this fucking tournement( im from france)

  • sumon

    waiting from Finland!

  • Gilsonbf

    more volume you do not hear well venezuela

  • SpikeWesker

    PAINTBALL !!!!

  • Bryan DeMaine

    i think psp or nppl should come up with a way to text ppl the scores and you have to pay like a yearly subscription or some thing like that 

  • Dogtownsaint

    blurry as hell..

  • Ismailsahar

    Waiting and from Damn Austin should the screen be all black

  • Kiki Teruya


  • Kiki Teruya


  • Kramerkoll

    Does it work on the iphone

  • Guest

    your feed is zoomed in on the top left corner

  • Royrichard714

    What happened to Steven Pitts and Mouse?

  • Griffin804

    Love that im watching this on my phone

  • CPz!

    that CEP player was screaming fast

  • EddieMW

    Bruno and Shock gana wreck them FOOLS!

  • Jhal

    waiting from Greece

  • trixR4kids.

    So black screen is in between matches?

  • Jese David Anaya

    WHAT HOUR PLAY DYNASTY OR russian legion or tampa bay 

  • Gghost571

    Love the live video and announcers!

  • Nailgrunt

    Waiting from oregon

  • Stigma_shadow

    Why all im seeing its a black screen

  • NANI Mariale

    Waiting from Caracas, Venezuela

  • Olddir14

    the stream ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! breaks every 5 sec

  • Andrew Jordan

    Looks rainy out there!  

  • ¡La Wera!

    Waiting from Toronto, Canada black screen only :S


    Waiting From Sweden!

  • benedick

    from manila philippines

  • Marl3y

    SOUTH AFRICA all good

  • Gunner669

    PIAntbaLL ArounD The wORLD!! ..> FROM chile !!  

  • Lala

    How can i remove the “STREAM IS OFF” box?

    • Timhammock

      on the page before this one if you came from pbnation  click on the link that says current page 

    • Coolguy

      refresh the page. worked for me.

  • Hectorjuan88

    Watching from Florida

  • JRAD


  • kmcphoto

    Billy Bernacchia missed todays first game becauase of the detroit airport, flights delayed or some reason like that.  Says his facebook anyhow.

  • Johand100

    from seeing the best of Colombia paintball

  • Sniper

    Is that Julio Rivera in the middle?

    • PSP

      The announcers are Matty Marshall, Julio Rivera and Todd Martinez. 

  • booman

    oh canada bb waiting

  • Frank

    is there any way to change the resolution?

  •Ørbekk/100001741976457 Thomas Ørbekk

    Waiting from Norway.

  • Beepscoreboard

    Давай русских!!!!!!!!!

  • David Stufflebeam

    is this webcast just going to be for the psp or will you also be covering the NPPL ?

  • Richie Valle

    billy missed his flight to the event.. 

  • TuCam

    i waiting for the Caribbean team too come on !!!

  • C_ring0

    Waitong from dallas texas

  • Nicholas Robert Gibson

    Whats up with this out of order thing

  • Warren

    Warren waiting from South Africa

  • Nicholas Robert Gibson

    it says the stream is off and the sceen is hella dark


  • Boogie

    Oregon here!!

  • Rgrimes

    Anyone watching on an iPhone? I can’t tell whether the webcast is just off, or my phone won’t support it.

    • Red11hawk

      Im on iphone its just black screen

      • tripp

        the video is streaming VIA Flash

        get a droid and you can watch it lol
        flash isnt supported for iPhone due to apple having a stick up their butt lol

    • PbPrincess

      Me 2 all I see is black screen too on iPhone :,(

      • PbPrincess

        SKYFIRE!!!! FTW !!!

    • Richard Valles

      Get skyfire, I’m watching it on my iphone

      • Musicrox414

        Skyfire video or web browser?

        • Richard Valles

          skyfire the app for iphone, not firefox the browser

          • Musicrox414

            Yeah they have a skyfire video and a skyfire web browser

          • Richard Valles

            Think mine is the browser

    • Mayhempaintball210

      I. Can’t see anything either on my iPhone

  • Brink

    Black screen?

  • Mateito

    Waiting for Ecuador

  • Geremy Soares

    yas sa marche putain

  • gk

    The bunkers look kinda deflated

  • Chele Segura

    waiting from Honduras

  • RAnderson

    Patiently waiting from NY

  • Noah Hollander

    If you are having issue with the Stream, try refreshing your page.

  • Lan Venzo

    Waiting from Malaysia…

  • Peterallen08

    awesomeness :D

  • Kiki Teruya

    Just…make it STOP.

  • Tim CerrutiWestCoastMeditation

    Watching from Maryland, :( should be there. 

  • dub_stepper

    what the french toast got audio no video!!!! anyone else?

  • Viva_los_tacos_dude_

    Guess who’s missing the first game of psp event 1 tomorrow cause Detroit airport blows…. Yup Billy Bernacchia is…. Good luck boys see ya tomorrow afternoon-Billy Bernachia

  • Kyle

    Still black on my Iphone?

  • Nicholas Robert Gibson

    its working no

  • chris


  • Brovsforever

    Give regards to Todd from Charly from FiveStar Spain And from my daddy

  • James

    Great stuff, excitign stuff…keep it up. thanks James S …Scotland

  • Cualeslarisa

    Can it be seen on iphone?

  • Brovsforever

    Give regards to Todd Martinez from Charly from FiveStar Spain and from Mr DADDY…

  • Sergio Daniel Gutierrez

    is aleex reed there in the event ?

  • learns

    waiting from France

  • dub_stepper

    audio only???

  • Walter Córdova Espinoza

    Still black box. Watching from an iMac.

  • Germano

    hello good afternoon’m Palmares-Pe-Brazil …. and I’m watching the on facebook, is too good sends a hello for me …. GERMANO

  • Davwal26

    can we remove the stream is off sighn thats in the middle of the screen and ruining it

  • Cualeslarisa


  • BDoy

    make it work!!!
    Turn up the good, turn down the suck

  • visual reviews

    watching from the international space station

  • Ki Ev


  • Batman

    Black screen here too

  • Richard Valles

    Big shout out from San Diego State Paintball club! Loving this broadcast

  • Codyunderwood11

    Haha watching the live broadcast in class!

  • Johnwallet

    who’s winning the match pop?

  • Taimai02493

    How high is Chris Lasoya?

  • guest

    If you guys wanna watch the webcast you need open the page in  firefox

  • Mervyn Leong

    does PSP has a new ruling on having numbers on loaders? hmm….

  • antonmuench

    how do I get the streaming off sign off the screen? I accessed directly at

  • Clay_forrester101

    Yeah how do you get rid of the stupid box? I just bough skyfire and the box still shows up…

  • Nick Mossop

    Did it just crash again?

  • Samdjf23

    aftershock getting shot out of the snake….. work for the position and give it away…. NICE

  • Timothy Lin

    We call him Toke! and its Toke-A-He haha

  • Kevin

    we call him toke! he plays out my field good to see him playing good

  • jordan boyum

    tokahe hamil, nickname “toke” just got picked up off d2 xball team “royalty” coached by shane pestana. they will be attending psp pheonix

  • Mrshoez

    Had a loading screen, but now just a black one?

  • Ggg

    i like me 

  • Ggg

    im so horny 

  • justin hendrix

     this is a great site

  • 14websterreid

    let’s go Nico Perry. 15 and already pro, That’s my bro. Seattle Thunder

  • John Anthony Orlando

    can someone link me to the current page please

  • Mitchell Van Den Akker

    we really need to have the score and time listed

    • Brad

      they got it up, but its wrong lol

  • Pprinop

    Cocha puta, no lo puedo ver

  • antonmuench

    if anyone at the event is looking at this, I suggest that at these intermisions, somebody could give score information of ALL divisions playing,  APPA site does NOT have any scores posted that I could find.

  • yolo

    what game number is this?

  • Focracing90

    waiting from afghanistan

  • Protoguy

    working great all day for me

  • jrad

    thats my boy matty olsvic feasting!

  • sqyire

    Awesome stream!  Thanks!  :)

  • BRink


  • bo

    get dynasty’s balls out of your mouths before you commentate

  • Geremy Soares

    go dynasty

  • John Anthony Orlando

    Go thunder!

  • Chris378

    Saw him bump snake corner

  • Flarkron Deliu

    Dynasty for the win 

  • Diego Freitas

    mcdonald is a beast

  • Jhoover Baseball

    so much for HD -__-

  • Mayhempaintball210

    Go x factor keep it up represent San Antonio

  • Derek Marks

    thunder and lightning! very very frighting 

  • Tibum Kim

    Great game Thunder, is Lang playing? havent seen him… ahahha 

  • Kiss080789

    Is any of the non pro teams gonna play?

    • Alex Hill

      they only show pros on this one

      • Kiss080789

        Where do they show the other ones

        • Alex Hill

          like what division

          • Kiss080789

            Division 4

  • partytime!

    i miss the wide angle lens view for between games so you can see down on top of the snake. That view was so cool!

  • Jinjon01

    cant view from iphone :(

  • FlauwePlezante

    all i see are f*cking commercials of overpriced markers. Never bye any paintballmaterial from

  • Z Events2009

    Damn this annoying box n i got no sound. Dang it!

  • Baboon

    I cant get rid of the box!!

  • ollie

    refresh the page

  • tony

    haha matty and them look like eskimos…

  • mg

    is bouchez with heat of damage?

    • bem


  • Sweden123

    Who are playing after this game?

  • ProtoisGod

    lets go damage
    i love these guys nice and always there for people needless to say the are from my home field

  • Derek Marks

    comeback anyone?

  • Ole Rullebrett

    Waaah I want HD!

  • Jinjon01

    how do i remove that big black psp galveston island box in the middle

  • Mitchell Van Den Akker

    Yo Matty, Chris, Pat if I look away for a minute I cant tell the score or time. whats up with that bros?

  • Jamesmontmax

    Caralho, Ironmen e foda!!

  • Jeff_Orr

    Those Empire jerseys are ripped off RAZA MKR Jerseys.

  • bem

     Is there currently any video? I’m not seeing anything right now… any help please

  • 1410198

    Prihidnii GO! Russian Legion GO!!!

  • Mark D. Lester

    Colt say something ha ha 

  • Italianhaseleyes

    Waiting from southern Cali!!! Go Dynasty!!!!

  • fabo

    does it work right now?
    i can just see the white chat-box-background?!?

  • Counterfeit_Syn5304

    I’m liking this paintballaccess

  • DubV Retro

    I think during the commercials they should play Artifacts occasionally… Matty Marshall killed it in those!

  • Nino Blanco

    no better way to spend a work day in Georgia. this is awesome keep it up!

  • Tylerbailey94

    no sound?

  • maurice

    go rl

  • Dcskatr757

    anyone got a luxe they wanna trade for a bob long 2012 g6r

    • Kidinfamous

      do you have cash to add?

    • jr87

      is that a joke? 

  • Teambloodmoney88

    bring back gator

  • Gaston Ice

    quiero ver el timeleft y los puntos! 

  • Jacob Robinson

    enjoy those cheeseburgers guys

  • lol


  • Eacpunishers

    hey matte i see what looks like barel cames on some gun is that right

  • Red Flash

     Fri 7:30 Los Angeles Ironmen vs X-Factor
    Fri 8:15 DYNASTY vs Chattanooga C.E.P
    Fri 9:00 Chicago Aftershock vs Seattle Thunder
    Fri 9:45 X-Factor vs Chattanooga C.E.P
    Fri 10:30 Los Angeles Ironmen vs Chicago Aftershock
    Fri 11:15 DYNASTY vs Seattle Thunder
    Fri 12:45 Tampa Bay Damage vs LA Infamous
    Fri 1:30 Russia BRL vs upTon 187 cRew
    Fri 2:15 VICIOUS vs Houston Heat
    Fri 3:00 LA Infamous vs upTon 187 cRew
    Fri 3:45 Tampa Bay Damage vs VICIOUS
    Fri 4:30 Russia BRL vs Houston Heat
    Sat 7:30 Los Angeles Ironmen vs Seattle Thunder
    Sat 8:15 Chicago Aftershock vs Chattanooga C.E.P
    Sat 9:00 DYNASTY vs X-Factor
    Sat 9:45 Los Angeles Ironmen vs Chattanooga C.E.P
    Sat 10:30 X-Factor vs Seattle Thunder
    Sat 11:15 DYNASTY vs Chicago Aftershock
    Sat 12:45 Tampa Bay Damage vs Houston Heat
    Sat 1:30 VICIOUS vs upTon 187 cRew
    Sat 2:15 Russia BRL vs LA Infamous
    Sat 3:00 Tampa Bay Damage vs upTon 187 cRew
    Sat 3:45 LA Infamous vs Houston Heat
    Sat 4:30 Russia BRL vs VICIOUS

  • bem

    can someone honestly help me get some video reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally need to watch this Houston Heat matchup. Let’s go Slowiak

  • Micheal Anthony Policht

    he was out on his pod dave bains 

  • Counterfeit_Syn5304

    glad the rain stopped

  • Justin


  • Eacpunishers

    hey matte i see what looks like barel cames on some gun is that right

  • Eacpunishers

    hey matte i see what looks like barel cames on some gun is that right

  • Eacpunishers

    hey matte i see what looks like barel cames on some gun is that right

  • Jjsdffgs

    i love to see what happens when there mentally challenged. – Chris

  •Ørbekk/100001741976457 Thomas Ørbekk

    Wow, 187 impress me!

    Smart, calm and great play.

  • Haydotheel

    The Russians jerseys look pretty good .

  • Matthew

    Chris Lasoya!!! Where have you been?! 

  • Fgh

    The scoring system is mixed up, swap the names over! its upton2 russian 1 with russian penalty!

  • Andcable

    wow Russians looking like some scrubs?

  • Franken

    Time to fix that scoreboard?  Wrong team getting points -.-

  • epsilonred

    is there a french player in the upton crew team??

  • Dlbeaton14

    scores are wrong?

  • Richie Valle

    you guys have the wrong score posted on the feeed

  • randerson

    brl/187 score is wrong guys

  • Jamie Blair

    Poor show from RL there :(

    • GeorgeRJoslin

      Hell Ya 187 Crew doing it big showing the World that they can Play Pro

  • Ole Rullebrett

    Why did the sound just lowered ALOT?

  •Роман-Пазий/100002196298865 Роман Пазий

    Россия вперед!

  • beetle

    only russians. only hardcore

  • epsilonred

    my bad, his playing with the russian

  • Lunkan82

    bad ass paintball :D

  • Big_boy_03

    why is there a box on the screen while im trying to watch it

  • 3333333333

    there is no video at all…. where is it

  • Tore Mareli Nyland

    how do i get rid of the black box whit psp galveston island in the middlen of the screen .. 

  • Zane_hockey_23

    when does dynasty pllay?

  • Nwester9123

    where is it

  • Zane_hokey_23

    refresh the screen

  • Broranton

    what are RL DOING?!?

  • AlbertnSA

    Great commentary guys!!! I am stuck to my chair!

  • Zane_hokey_23

    i dont get the scoring can anyone help me

  • Andrew


  • Xlopez830

    the new snake is boring to watch

  • GeorgeRJoslin

    wow hell of a Match to start of the PSP 2012 Season, 187 upton crew doing what no one would think they could do ;)

  • Speed3679

     can you guys put up how many players are left on each side

  • B Lemaire

    Get back from a 1 to 5 and finish in a 6 to 5 match ? learn “Impossible ? pas français !” ;o)

  • Tommy Long

    how do we get the black square in the middle of the picture to go away?

  • Basingsay1

    wow go 187. awesome showing

  • Jhal

    Go go  Houston Heat

  • philip

    Go 187 cRew!!!

  • prototype

     lego vicious

  • Dcskatr757

    lets go HEAT

    • Dcskatr757

      and vicious cuz they sponsor my team idk who to cheer for

  • Mike Thurston


  • Stephen H

    why are Templeton and Federov missing the first letter of their last name on their jerseys?

    • Adam A

      folded under their jeresys

  • Mike Thurston

    wow that was a fast game

  • Zacharyvanpelt


  • Ben

    Wait so how do we know what division this is?

    • zack


  • Oh

    how do I take away the black shit on the screen?

  • Richard Valles

    Fix the feed toys please. Looks like the techs are playing with all the features, now got a black box in front of the play

  • Atchoum

    ya des frenchy ici?

  • Shainoakerman

    why is it black

  • Nougaretgeoffrey

    heat go

  • Buchanan2

    where’s Sossman?

  • Crookstr

    hope they gave u guys some little heaters…u look soo cold…sorry

  • Brox

    I’m using skyfire but about 30 seconds in to watching I get a black box that says psp galviston island and the video played behind it how do I get the box off

  • KidInfamous

    its not tied its 5-4 

  • Kidinfamous

    oh never mind they added the point

  • Cody Baker

    it says that its a one point game but they keep sayin its tied

  • Bkzownalex

    we need one of these tournaments in ny

  • zack

    yes vicious!!!!

  • Cody Baker

    never mind it finally changed

  • epsilonred

    oui atchoum un francais ici lol

  • Fatalitycap

    Mean Africans are not nice Africans

  • Dylan Waxlax

    Add a Player left counter :D

  • B Lemaire

    texas raises Cows and faggies…

  • Samir1sjoqvist

    Whats his name on Facebook? ( the commentator)

    • visual reviews

      matt marshall

  • SneakyEffingRussian

    Nice job on your rub there Fed

  • Voldemort

    LETHAL conshetumaree

  • Curt Fennell

    can you keep the game clock up everytime the scores are up whether the clock is stopped or not? just like any other sports broadcast

  • Aggg

    theres a chatbocx giong on

  • waldo916

    i cant see the video, or even a video screen… just the comments?

  • Lionel De Nazareth

    would be nice if we had a few wider angles shown rather than close ups. 

  • Fabrice

    yo watching from italy , tomorrow Champions PB series here , perfect timing , webcast also here for the italian series  …have a good one , fabrice ( matt :O) ) 

    • B Lemaire

      Hey Fab, need an answer : get back to work !! :o )

  • AleX

    needs to come to NY

  • Austinlewishenry

    i dont think they know that their mike is on lol

  • niggas

    Pumped for Infamous vs Crew

  • Socool

    Working fine from sweden

  • Ozkos


    • CKWT

      Fedorov is on Houston Heat now!

  • Yaffe97

    player count

  • Shainoakerman

    its not loading but i have connection

  • Adam A

    the damn point person reversed it in the MRL vs 187 game….

  • Treestand145

    What guns are the teams shooting?

  • Usmcforlife98

    187 crew doing good for 1st pro tourney

  • Johnwallet

    Houston Heat rocking LUXE!

  • Rob1525

    maybe a stupid question but never watched this before.  What can players be flagged for?  Never heard of that…

    • B Lemaire

      players can be flagged with minor (yellow) or major (red) flag. A minor penalty may be flagged when playing with a hit that you may not be aware of (eg : in the backpack) a major penalty will be flagged when you play with an obvious hit (in the goggle) or because your action may have a efficient result in the field (elimination of opponent when you were hitted or so on..)

      • B Lemaire

        A minor penalty results in a 2 min sanction (team plays with 4 players instead of 5 during 2 minutes) major penaltys result in a 5  min sanction

        • Rrecino2

          Its 1 min for a minor and 2 mins for a major

          • B Lemaire

            My bad, thanks for correct me… :)

  • Honkeywhore


  • Caleb

    So I’m watching on skyfire on my phone and this black box Keeps popping up in the middle of the screen, any ideas?

  • Hervis0613

    what app are they talking about?

  • Paul Bureau


  • visual reviews

    all the pros should of packed a rain sleeve to cover the porting on their barrels. 

  • Flyers

    That’s what I want to know!

  • Zach

    Anyone know the name of the app?!

  • Avidpaintball

    Wish i knew about this earlier 

  • fonzooo

    keith @!! not kevin lol

  • Adam Wiedewitsch

    The Man Alive counter isn’t working on your graphic, in case you didn’t know… 

  • Andrew

    New trend of hats started by Damage

  • Hdangeruss

    Damage boonie hats!!!

  • Tmorente301

    sunny here in california…just had long lunch trip at a german deli in santa monica.=)

  • Cro Kette

    any stream link in french ?

  • Geremy Soares

    strom power

  • Amason544

    Is anyone else getting a black screen?

  • sariack.

    malaga got called off remember?

  • Anthony Hicks

    stupid black box – wth

  • Caleb Ragatz

    empire commercials are so funny

  • Anthony Hicks


  • PBVkid

    Lol, Weather Delay

  • Owen – Mythic Paintball

    Too bad about the weather.



  • Kidinfamous

    damn that camera is rally shaking wind must really be howling. 

  • angry_monkey

    this is like crap, just when ist time for RL vs Houston Heat, games got cancelled… anyone knows that time will start this games??

  • Deep Wang

    am i witnessing activity within the eye of a storm?

  • Yourgat Com

    Like on Facebook. We are giving away products during the pro matches!

  • Karl Young

    what happened to the full field shots like last year?

  • Robert Smith

    Can anyone tell me what port this uses? I couldn’t get it working all day.

  • Masonwilliams25

    so excited to watch wish i could come- Ohio

  • iFrag Paintball

    Beautiful weather on day 1. What a day to play some paintball. I’m sure the teams were ecstatic.

  • jsaelid

    Really want to watch yesterdays games! How?

  • Volkan

    Agreed Saelid :)  

  • Manu

    waiting from france 

  • Luisgui1822

    waiting from Venezuela

  • Cody Baker

    wen is it gonna be on its gametime now

  • Jacob Raposo

    when are they going to start streaming again

  • John Anthony Orlando

    Why isnt it streaming?

  • Ryan Morrissey

    who is ready for day 2???

  • Bramathorn

    Dan “Sweatsuit” Zaleski

  • Pchelper911

    it should start in about 9 mins

    • Cody Baker

      sweet waiting since 630

  • Cody Baker

     still no stream

    • Ryan Morrissey

      they could still be fixing the fields after the weather beat up 4 of them yesterday 

      • Cody Baker

        k thanks for the news

  • Derdershortbus1

    start streaming day 2 already!

  • guinnessfc

    werent we supposed to to see matches starting at 7am

  • Rahul Jude

    When does in start??

    • Cody Baker

      theres a schedule on PSP if u have an account

  • Charlton White

    Waiting from Honduras!

  • Rich Knowles

    I’m waiting (in the UK)

  • guinnessfc

    Important Note from PSP:
    Saturday games delayed until 9 AM!Due to severe weather, Saturday games have been delayed until 9 AM. Please check or your APPA roster for further schedule updates

  • Cody Baker

    games start at 9

  • Kayninefoust

    why wont it show up?

  • ZTraylor

    It’s all in the works. This is their first event as a new name/company. Give them a little time. They’re working on fine tuning the scoreboard stuff on the screen still and I’m sure everything will be pretty solid by the next event, if they don’t take care of it all by Sunday.

  • Cop3rZ

    when should the live webcast start ?

    • guinnessfc

      Important Note from PSP:
      Saturday games delayed until 9 AM!Due to severe weather, Saturday games have been delayed until 9 AM. Please check or your APPA roster for further schedule updates

  • Calebz11

    wheres the game?

  • pbman

    what time they going to start the games

  • Daniel_nordb

    when does the games start today?

  • Lilsinkko

    Trying to see Thunder take this thing if it would ever work…..

  • Alexander Lalo

    The show still isnt up and running :/

  • Genral1986

    Waiting in the uk should be some good games today as long as the weather isn’t to bad lol

  • Brendan*D DNX*HHH

    whens it starting?

  • Pete Spice

    hoping we get to see the paint fly

  • Nooittevrede

    Waiting from The Netherlands

  • Alexander Lalo

    Still no show :/

  • aScreamingYeti

    anyone able to watch games from yesterday yet?

  • guinnessfc

    Important Note from PSP:
    Saturday games delayed until 9 AM!Due to severe weather, Saturday games have been delayed until 9 AM. Please check or your APPA roster for further schedule updates

  • Cody Baker

     its after nine and still nothing

  • satans-bung

    9 cst 

  • Cody Baker

    shoot forgot it was central time never mind

  • Raffa

    somebody knows if they are playing???

  • Tonpernete

    wwwwwwwhat is going on ???no live today????

  • Brendon

    What time is this coming backon?

  • iFrag Paintball

    Let’s go Galveston. Wanna see some more action!

  • Jo Diotte

    when are they going to start?

  • Roberto Sacoto

    this thing doesn´t work!!!!

  • booman

    no stream whats up with that??????????????????????

  • Alexander Lalo

    If its CST time one should of just started because theres one scheduled for 8:15 and its 9:23 EST

    • Ryan Morrissey

      games postponed till 10am EST

  • Mervyn Leong

    waiting from Malaysia!!

  • aScreamingYeti

    Chill everybody!! It’ll start at 9:00pm Central Standard time

  • booman

    no games till 10 am 

  • Warhorse14

    Stream coming back on anytime soon?

  • andy

    is the live stream on?

  • Jm Reveron

    Waiting from venezuela

  • 100,000 fans/paintball/ESPN

    Due to some storms yesterday, PSP Galveston is recovering as they put stuff back together. The first broadcast should be start between 9-10am CST. Be patient

    • Patrick Guerro

      thank you now I can stop waiting and get some of my reaserch paper started before I watch some paintball

      • Joe Perez

        Same Bra Bra

      • Dimitri

        Me too!

      • Ec2b

        PB mama
        Really? This guy is obviously trying to watch from Europe or something. You guys make this sport look like Paintball is a bunch of uneducated, immature jerks, give back something good to the site and represent your sport in a more intelligent way and good things will come back to all of us who are passionate and want paintball to thrive!

    • WzMonkey

      If it’s between 9 & 10 am CST what will it be for EST?

      • Allenbox

        an hour before

        • Patrick Guerro

          first game in 30 min

          • Tzive

            let’s see

          • Superfred15

            Its Not Starting…

          • Chalitolampe

            30 minutes already went by

      • Jamhouse2009

         really dude u dont know ur timezones? central is 1 hour difference from eastern so if its 9-10 cst ist 10-11 eastern

      • Jtucker3312

        Between 10 and 11

      • Asdf

         you’re a retard

        • WzMonkey

           Thanks you ASDF I am a retard, I know i have some problems that are holding me back. Now learn what the word means dipshit.

          • Asdf

            it means you are retarded.

          • Yankeesrule0330

            that’s not what retarded means… awkward.

    • CocoTzive

      10am just passed…

    • Heath Corish

       any more word ?

    • steffen

      anyone who know when it starts? waiting patient here in norway!! :)

  • Guest

    The first pro game will start at 9am

  • Ttrot58

    am i the only one not seeing the stream?

  • lilmikey


  • Maryashov Alexander

    Is it up? 

  • Lizardfreedom

    when do they start the streaming?

  • angry_monkey

    how long it will take to start the streaming??? you should get started

  • Jpillas

    Does it work on ipad?

  • Youmomma

    Games postponed to 10AM. check to stay updated. The cast will prob start around 9.50-9.55 if normal.

    • Yomomma

      and thats 1 hour from now

  • Kirill-Russia

    одни иностранцы!

  • Pbnuser

    it’s 9am

  • iFrag Paintball

    Must be weather issues again if the games are postponed

  • WzMonkey

    What time does the first game start?

  • Kirill-Russia

    пора бы уже начать!!!

  • angry_monkey

    shit, now games are delayed until 10:30, one hour more to get delayed again…

  • Abcsfh

    It can start from 9-10 they are most likely fixing up the field

  • bring mouse back

    appa says the games wont be on  until 10:30

  • Pbnuser


  • Tiza5ive

    thanks for keeping us informed – thanks for your continued efforts – respect to you all for bring us PSP webcasts

  • Jeff

    excited to watch today…hoping that along with the fields they have fixed the stream to…remember folks refreshing does not help as a matter of fact it boggs the system down trying to “re-connect” with a million ip addresses at once…once you get to this page …be patient … it will load…it will fix its self, in the event you lose the banner scroll then refresh…..

  • Timmo619

    What time is that GMT?

    • angry_monkey

       gmt is greenwich meridian time, depends on where are you located to see how many hours you have to take off, i mean, if its 6am GMT of today, CST is 11pm of yesterday

  • Ianf94

    I here talking no video

  • TexasBaller

    lets do dis

  • booman

    i see nothing hear nothing 10 35 am here in ottawa ontario canada

  • Ianf94

    Anyone else have video?

  • Teray0n

    things have been delayed till 1030cst time or so fields are flooded and lots of damage

  • Ivan Afanasiev

    Dudes some1 have any news from fields?

  • Ben

    Ok so I was reading a post from one of the pros i know..he plays fr chicago aftershock and he said his game was at 9:45am CT and its 9:50 … is the cast down but games are being played right now? 


      PSP is getting the field around so that they may resume games. 1st games start at 10am.

    • yeabuddy

      hey kisling shhhhh

  • peters03

    just read that games will be delayed till 11 now

  • Jamie Blair

    plz hurry psp

    • peters03

       yu have atleast an hour to go

  • Darren Davey

    uggggghhhhhh i wanna see some paintball


    Per Camille:

    Pro Games starting at 10 am along with all RaceTo-X, 11 am other divisions. Check here for full updated schedule:

  • Sammymohseni

    its 10:02 and counting and theres no streaming

  • 100000fans/paintball/ESPN
  • pbmom

    Rain and pain …..paintballers are determined to prevail……

  • Stephen H

     Due to severe weather damage, Saturday games are delayed until at least 10:30 AM.

    More schedule updates will follow.

    Division 3 RaceTo-2 games are postponed until Sunday morning

  • Wofleman252
  • Charles Jacob Murry

    is anyone elses webcast not working??

    • peters03

       its cause it hasnt started yet storm messed up fields yesterday there fixing them

  • Wolf

    is there any chance this gets cancled cause i dont wanna waste another 2 hours watching a black screen for it just to get cancled…..

    • peters03

       there sayin 11 cst but you never kno fields got fucked up

  • lol

    is there a way to watch yesterdays games?

  • greg

    Go to the damage is pretty bad.

  • Kevin

    still no showing up…

  • Kirby_Killer20043

    Where the games at?

  • Treadaway Rustin

    anything on how long the web cast will be down

  • Charles Jacob Murry

    On evan fyfes facebook(plays on cep) he said that they postponed all pro matches until 12 pm

  • texasweimaraner

    not looking good

  • Rburger82

    delayed till 11

  • Stijn

    still not back. when do you think its comming up again?

  • Davidgoncalo05


  • Claycommunication

    what time is going to start now????

  • GrimReafer

     It is now 10:46CST. WHY NO PRETTY PICTARS!

  • Matt Bureau

    if i don’t know this ad , cut my hand ! 

  • Tzive

    amazing live

  • Keatonboyd1997

    everytime i click live it just shows me the empire get sponsored by like a pro wtf? 

  • Wolf

    when do we get to watch some paintball?

  • Whimzyy

    Anyone know how to watch it on iPhone?

    • Robert Anderson

      Not sure its optimized for mobile

  • Josh

    Is anyone just getting the sponsor thing over and over and over again lol ?

    • Jo Diotte

      i was but not anymore

      • Josh

        Ya same now I got nothing again fml I just wanna watch some paintball!!!!!! lol :P

    • Tiza5ive

      yep me too – just consider it as a test transmission for the webcasters until things are sorted – you are connected to the feed = RESULT

  • Cameron Stuber

    got nothing here

  • Fuzzy

    So is the webcast gonna be up at all today? Would love to know how Seattle thunder is doing today!

  • Tyowen3

    Well its 11am now in Texas.

  • Ben

    I dont think they are playing yet…its not that  we cant watch, its that theres nothing to watch

  • angry_monkey

    some can see the webcast, some cant see it, i am one of those cant see it

  • guinnessfc

    okay so we all want to see some paintball. However check out this photos and videos from Galvaston..  I thin we can understadn why there is a delay..

  • Claycommunication

    what do you mean some can watch and some cant??? re they playing yet???

  • Tee Kean

    its still down rite?

  • deano 177

    trying to be patient… 

  • NicoPerryFan#42

     Any word on when the webcast will re-start?

  • Thomas Schober

    When does the stream start?

  • Wolf

    on facebook psp posted they are about to get things up and running but theyve said that b4 so idk haha

  • guesswho


  • boredplayer

    11:30am cst i can see nothing

  • Claycommunication

    does aany know if they are playing and we just cant see????

  • Charles > aruba

    still didn’t started where waiting from aruba …. start the streaming already people would be happier if they start streaming doesn’t matter if they are fixing the field people enjoy to watch something going on not a black screen saying check back later

  • NicoL

    wassen los bastian und chris. 

  • Gordon Wood

    any news on start time

  • NicoL

    Super Spiel und gewonnnen………

  • SDmobkham

    Waiting in San Diego.

  • Pablo Emílio
  • Jorge Edmu

    fucking weather

  • Kidinfamous

    any news. on whats going on. i saw it was supposed to be up by 10am cst and now its 11cst 

  • Icemanzahn

    is the live stream not working for anyone

  • Rafernandez86

    whats times the next game

  • PaulyV

     What a game!!!  that move was unreal!!!

    • Ryan Morrissey


    • Wolf

      was a game just played? my webcast didnt show it…..

    • lOOPKID

      NO SHIT …. Dynasty dowm 3-1 OMG !!

      • Tiza5ive

        JOKING  !!!!

    • Wolf

      omg i feel stupid……

  • Neale1996

    its 2pm here and still hasent started

  • Jevehdks

    Ohh yeaaahhhh! It’s On!!!!

    • Wolf

      no..its not

    • Tee Kean

      its on? i still cant watch it…

    • James

      It is for me I see the field and I see dynasty walking the field.

  • Tballa92

    is anybody else screen still black

  • Martin Mende

    at what time start the stream?

  • James

    Guys just refresh its on for me but no one is talking. I just see a field.

  • Sumo

    when is the stream going on??

  • Jake “in the snake” S

    when will it start

  • Claycommunication

    I dont evven see the field, James are you still seeing the field????

  • CKWT

    WOooooHooo.. Finally!!!

  • Claycommunication

    Is it up and I am just NOT seeing it??? some one let me know

  • PaulyV

    unreal!!!  Ollie just won a 9 on 1 with a triple major quad minor run through!!!!!!!

  • Austin L. Harris

    terrible time for to go down right?? :(

  • Bryanjgolfer

    WERE BACK!!!!

  • Tiza5ive

    it’s up rember it’s like DVR go to start for stuff you may have missed (start of game)

  • James

    Yes I can see the field and people walking the field to!

  • FinalfantasyXIooo

    omfg it starting

  • Claycommunication

    yes it is Thanks dont forget to click on play on the lower left side

  • Jevehdks

    It’s on guys! Just refresh!

  • andy

    any word on the webcast anyone?

    • Kevjumba

      It’s been on for like 5-10 minutes now.

  • KjSells

    Yes finally!

  • Dustinowns

    Time to watch sOme PAINTBALL!!! Waited too long!

  • Sheri Larson


  • Jc Griego

    how are people dressing? pants or shorts?

  • Patrick Guerro

    my screen is just black how do I watch

    • Peter Robinson

       yeah i have the same problem. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING

  • Zach

    There is a damn pond in the snake haha 

  • Austin L. Harris

    daaamn who saw that nice  aggresive run to the 50 A! that was nice

  • Austin L. Harris

    when does la imfamous play

  • Александр Цыганов

    hello i in live russia 

  • Caleb Ragatz

    that field looks AMAZING after the damage yesterday.. huge props to the psp staff for the amazing work they did!

  • Александр Цыганов

    I in from Russia  

  • Jake “in the snake” S

    coming from Puerto Rico

  • WIBaller

    Shock FTW next game

  • Manu

    any update?

  • John Schwartz

    What guns do CEP shoot?

  • Caleb

    cant believe that 1v1 olsivik killed it

  • Mooney

    i like the numbers on the loaders and arms. makes it look more professional.

  • Zachary_zepeda

    How much paintball is used during thw whole psp? :O

    • Konnorkid

      Couple thousand cases I’m guessing.

  • Brunorodriguessiqueira

    where i can see the scores?

  • Ryan S

    It’s sooo muddy

  • Catcher-pete

    mine isnt working. just a black screen. havent made a screen name. any help?

  • ryan

    What happened to Edmonton Impact?

  • Maestro77737

    guys pls help me! RL vs Houston heat were played or will play?

  • Stephen H

    your only as old as you feel!!

  • Tchouk

    What’s the next match? 

    • Jake Colwell

      dynasty vs xfactor

  • Skra27

    when does Huston heat play? and how did they do yesterday

    • bem

      they won their first game against Omaha yesterday 7-4
      didn’t play their second game due to weather

    • Ryan Morrissey

      1-0 yesterday. their second game was postponed 

  • Rahul Jude

    Did he just say Diet Coke’s???  Hahaha! :)

  • Jjsdffgs

    chris is on coke

  • hi 7

    stop saying you know, you know 

  • Jjsdffgs

    he is on Colombian bam bam

  • Tchouk

    Is it PSP or Woodstock? 

  • Rosser

    The grounds there look like the CPPS round 1 in England last weekend. Cold wet and miserable, but still a good days paintballing.

  • schmeezy

    whats up with no psp events in cali?

  • TYIC

    can you watch the webcast on ps3? if so, how? mine wont come up

    • guest

      you have to have skyfire

      • TYIC

        what is that?

  • Ray Penchuk

    man the field got bombarded yesterday damn

  • Kiss080789

    Where can I watch the division games?

  • Ryan S

    U guys are awsome, much appreciated

  • sillywilly

    You consider have a live web chat while webcasting

  • guest

    you can use ps3 but you need skyfire

    • TYIC

      thanks, whats skyfire?

  • MATA6407

    hey guys i just want to say that u guys r right, i really appreciate the hard work that ya do so we can be at home and watch the psp..

  • TYIC

    and what is skyfire?

  • Mfstone55

    Damn he needs a new team! Aftershock wow!


    LOLOL wtf is going on

  • booman

    what teams won their games yesterday? did heat win?

  • Joeymcnick

    Whats with the numbers on all the loaders

  • Rob

    davy simmons is still really bad

  • Lilpwee6886

    Is thw screen supposed to b black?

  • iFrag Paintball

    Not sure how you send 7 guys out for a 5 man game? That still confuses me. Oh well, CEP is still going well.

  • B Lemaire

    don’t ask lasoya to talk about fair play !! please !!

  • Rodeo

    Good Job CEP

  • Brandon Goose Moren

    i hate being deployed it freezes every 3 seconds

  • Lilpwee6886

    does anyone else have a black box sayin strem is off?

    • Asiufh


  • Glen

    Dynasty was ready for this event! look at the floaties on their arms! 

  • Lukenhl

    Nah man jst u

  • Harris417

    They need to get the camera on big moves more often. Because I have no idea what the announcers are talking about, when the camera is just on some guy posted up.

  • Jigglybits

    Please let the producer know that it’ll be great to focus on the box when a penalty is about to finish so we can get some action?

  • Jessica Norris


  • Kev

    need to get a iPad app for this or at least in html 5 rather than flash , !!!

  • Garrett Orlowski

    yes watching this on my TV thank god for hdmi

  • Shawn N Mary Rippee

    tight game

  • Shawn N Mary Rippee

    chris, matt, and todd doing an excellent job

  • Bryanjgolfer

    wheres infamous

  • Harveyace1992

    whats with this notification that wont get off the screen?

  • Vanhamstijn

    where is the fucking noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wuwuting

    xballs 10x 7man all 7man players are fat and old



  • AleX

    does this cover nppl events also? 

  • Akaunreal

    why do they have numbers on there hoppers 



  • ivan

    is cep an american team?

  • Josh

    Etha or Etek model of etek does not matter ?????

  • Kiss080789

    I want to see the divisions games … How can I?

    • Mleccesi

      you cant, what you see is what you get

  • drewmuni

    My says live in the top left corner, but no screen. Any help?

  • Mleccesi

    I think a great idea would be to have a camera and someone down by the pits to talk to people to figure out how certain things go on that the guys up top cant see.

  • iFrag Paintball

     Amazing Event! Ironmen – CEP game is great. Mike Paxson is a great guy. Fist pound to CEP player was great.

  • Zdhall

    are they just rolling commercials atm? Are games being played?

    • Konnor

      yes games are being played

  • Josh

    Who won between Ironmen and CEP and what was the score ?

  • boO


  • Austin L. Harris

    High squeky voice* “he lives on the egde* lol

  • Cliftonasada

    For all those guys asking what the numbers on the loaders are…. They match the numbers on the Jerseys which help the commentators, show producers and spectators identify who is who. It’s not rocket science… is it?

    • Austin L. Harris

       lol i didnt even have to think about i mean really people is common sence really that low in the world..

    • fonzooo

      also so the stats are eeasier too keep


    Damn Cory Fields is on FIRE!

  • Konnor Onstad



    Crazy Game!

  • Ben

    Did Shock already play Dynasty?

  • SeattleFan


  • Jrbagro

    Excellent! congrats guys!

  • Cliftonasada

    I really do think the commentators should be watching what we are watching on screen and commenting on that. It’s like they are talking about a different game at times.

  • Mac G

    is in live nw ?

  • Guesty-Guest


  • Ben

    Mac G yes it is live.

  • Sweden123

    Are the russians and Heat playing after this?

  • Wiscoballer

    when does the next game start?

  • Pball

    Ok so did Dynasty already play Aftershock or not??

  • Drewolf

    OK Edwards, BEST Move i’ve seen ALL YEAR!!!!!

  • Legend

    J-rab saved Damage

  • Marcel

     nice quality

  • SwissP-Baller

    Why they have the numbers on the hoppers?


      The numbers on there hoppers are the same numbers on there jerseys so that the announcers know who is who


    who else has the loading screen>???

  • Static Boyer

    Bah can’t stream live on iPod!

  • Cliftonasada

    Go Heat!

  • SwissP-Baller

    minor or major penalty is always a 1-4-1?

    • Nascarlucas


  • Jon_pallis

    dude u r playing pro

    get a damn speedfeed

  • mg



    Good Job to both teams!

    • peters03

       great finishing run threw

  • Wolf

    that move was sickkkkkk

  • Jrbagro

    Houston Heat, tremendous team! hope see on finals!

  • Steven Lorenz

    that was a good round 

  • Lilpwee6886


  • Marcel

    its 01:07 am in Germany now

  • Marcel

    What time is it now at the psp?! at the location you are?!

    • Austin L. Harris

       should be 5 16 pm

  • Kevin Francis Rosado

    Good quality!!

  • shittyfeed.

    is it cutting out for anyone else?

  • meathammer4life

    why dont the coaches get more involved with the location of players?

  • navas

    lets gooo dynasty :D

  • Masonwilliams25




  • Tanman1028

    did dynasty loss a match at all in tx?

    • Waterbottle24

      no they went 4-0

  • navas

    at what does it starts tomorrow?

  • lilmikey

    best point ever

  • Felipethug

    what happened with Impact ?

  • Gibiy12

    will there be a webcast for the divisional games tomorrow?

  • Acehammer

    what does it start tomorrow

  • Jslow62834

    good job every one thanks for all the hard work to bring us home folks the games.

  • Thomas

    i do have to say i am very disappointed in some of the comments made below like god these people are working their ass off to bring this free show to you and i can tell you first hand it is no easy thing to do as i also have done productions like this on things half as big and good as this and they are a bitch to do and then you through in that this is outdoors which means mother nature and the paintball gods want to take a dump on it also so lets not bitch lets say thank you and try and show some respect and thanks to these people who have gone through near hell to bring this to us

  • Elwood_andrew

    Amazing job PSP. Love having Lasoya, Matty, and T Martinez as well as colt and Nicky

  • beats23

    rep. sudbury ontario!

  • Coxr347

    A local time dispaly would be nice for those who live outside of the US.
    YES people do play and watch paintball in other time zones arounf the world.

    • Aaron Blanchette

      Go to google and type “Galveston Island, Texas time”

      I think they have enough problems to deal with let alone telling you what time it is.

    • Asdf

       Central time is GMT+5 now

      • lol

         its GMT – 5 lol….

  • Gordon Wood

    Awsome Job Matty and the team It’s great to see the Sport using the All Media formats..
    Can’t wait untill Tonight to Watch some more Ball with other Aussies acorss Australia.

  • A Local

    Local time is 6:57 am.

  • Worldly

    c’mon man I’m sure a vip skybox would be nice too. webcast Is free i think we can figure out time diff anywhere on the planet. With severe weather and 4 of 7 fields destroyed we r very lucky to see any PB this weekend. keep up good work webcast crew.

  • CanadianKiller

    Does anyone know how to watch the games from Friday and Saturday?

  • Pnutty37

    c’mon people google some time zones and figure it out.  Its about as easy as boiling water.

  • A Local

    It’s 7:52 now, and the Live Stream is supposed to begin at 8.

  • Phil K

    It is 8:03 CST in Galveston, TX

  • DareAlly

    when do thay start?

  • Benjamin Tasche

    they do a really great job with this webcast and the psp got it handled to keep this weekend of paintball running while suffering from those damages. but i would rather hear matt marshall talking about the weather than looking at the commercials for 45minutes now ^^ 

  • Rich Knowles

    I’ve refreshed the page twice and I’m still getting a box saying that there is no live stream and to check back later

  • Balravsenvy


  • Coleman1

    when is it starting?

  • Graffitiballa

    when does this stuff start?

  • Paintballkid

    when is the next game

  • Gordon Wood

    Just a Idea….. If the boardcast is running behide or the games are running behide… Could we not see games from the Day before like Best game of the day….Not the same Adds over and over and over again…. Or at least put a few updates of what is going on.It’s just about 10pm Sunday here. And I would like to see some PB before I’ve got to go to bed…. Work and All that..

  • Hotshot993

    doesnt have a time yet saddd

  • crazywilly

    are there any games today on the webcast

  • Andrew

    Put a scoreboard up!!

  • Phil McCrackin

    Jake James is my porn acting name?

  • j-rabbing

    What division is this?

    • Jake Colwell


  • Footballjesse96

    Lets go coalition!! hometown heros!

  • guest

    a scoreboard would be nice, you guys had one yesterday

  • asffffffffffffffff

    Is the schedule updated?

  • PBDad

    What is the pro schedule going to be for Sunday?  The master schedule only shows through Saturday…

    • guest

      No pro games Sunday in Texas. All remaining pro games have been postponed until the Phoenix Open to allow field space for divisional teams that need to finish on Sunday.

  • Amaury Van Assche

    il y a des fatigués :p

  • Toey32

    Thats gonna be on DerDer shortbus xD throwing a pod of paint.

  • Rawr

    The ‘pot throw’ is a standard english move

  • Archedangle2000

    So when’s this thing going to start?

  • Caleb

    when do pro games start?

  • Sdfd

    1036am cts

  • Josh

    Are they going to be showing the lower divisions as well today or just pro games ?

  • Matty F

    woooooooooooooooooooooo REVO… lit those vipers up

  • Chingchong

    when are the pirates playing ?

  • Elise Milam

    Go Scottsdale Elevation!!! Specifically Jeff Milam #11. Wooooot!

  • Jgoff11

    Great webcast. I would love to see you guys pull out a whiteboard with bunkers on it and show the strategy of this layout. Or use it to explain the replay. A lot of good commentary!

  • Asdfx

    hey martinez you got sum purty teef!!

  • Eusebio1171

    Better luck next time zone

  • 570Cr3W

    why is Moorhead and T-Taylor playing D1?

  • epsilonred

    are the pro playing today ?? are only the d1??

    • 570Cr3W

      Pro games are canceled and will be made up at the next tournament. webcasting d1 and d2 matches.

  • mnsterofdeth

    Someone please tell that kid to shut up.

  • Yeti

    could someone post when will be the next game ? in Eu time if possible, thankx :)

  • sd-support

    lets go pirates socal bring it

  • Karl Young

    so what happened to the tabs so you can watch matches you missed earlier in the day? 

  • Ct

    Way to go team Static!

  • Jordan

    Bring back Steve Rabackoff

  • derrlck

    Moorehead did shoot thomas first. If you look at the overhead clip you see Thomas has a hit on his knee, when he goes to the beam to shoot moorehead. Then if you look at the other angle from behind moorehead it isn’t possible for him to shoot Thomas’ knee from the “prone” position.

  • Bornathlete34

    has shockwave played

  • BasicJohn

    great webcast this year.  love the multiple angle replay.

  • The Bo$$

    Started waiting for this at 10pm in Minnesota, and now I’m in Arkansas waiting for it

  • Berk Undeser

    oooo my parents never supports me :D actually i m 18 but still not supporting :P

  • asjdjasd

    this is what happens when teams from the wcppl play psp….. SHIT ON THE EC hhahaha

  • Nougaretgeoffrey

    vraiment c super PBA

  • Kiss080789

    So division 4 games r not gonna be shown ???

  • Bornathlete34

    has d4 played shockwave

  • Cody Hagney

    L.I.F.T.!!!!! WHY!!!!!??? :(

    • Thatguy

       that is a good question

  • Casey Turpin

    Travis Lemanski is my most favorite actor from now ! lol

  • Peter

    exelent event

  • Austin Baker

    purtty sure he was shot on the stomach 

  • Claycommunication

    So there are no Pro games today? I read below they ave been moved to next event and the braodcasters have not touched on the subject for the last four hours and I can find anything on line about postings. Can anyone tell me what is going on????

  • Bry_1226


  • Tanman1028

    psp az come up cant wait !!!!!

  • DannyBizzler

    Todd is God

  • Angel Paz

    this shits awsome bro ! hell ya lets see how nppl does with the race to should b interesting right ! faster paced games angel paz 

  • E_Forrest16

    when do pro games begin?

  • I am the PSP


  • Psnonly15

    well good thing i work up before pro started lol

  • Zach_pb

    what game is it next?

  • rodriguez

    there should be how many people or watching this right now 

  • dirty dave

    Rock’n the Casbah!!!!  

  • So39lp

    why don’t they show these commercials on tv they are better than almost every other peice of crap on now.

  • mrugesh shukla

    chris, you say respectfully a lot lmfao

  • I am the PSP


  • Chris from Florida

    what crappy weather the whole event lol

  • Unknown

    PAP’s breeds champions

  • Heywood Jayblowme

    If Chris Lasoya is 29, I’m the greatest player to ever play paintball!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tintifax Taipan

    greetings from Austria

  • tripp

    was that revo game the D2 finals?

    • Somedude

       no semis

  • Riller_14

    :)   Brazil o/

    Expert Riller 20 .   

  • Riller_14

     PSP ,  i’ll be there !!!

    directly of the brazil … expert jungle

  • mrugesh shukla

    thomas on static is brad l.

  • Dddokken

    not sure if the current video is recorded or live. If it is live can you PLEASE remove the Day 3 warning box. At least move it to the bottom of the window instead of the middle.

  • Coxr348

    Flying Mini Van and a cow

  • CanadianKiller

    Is there a way I can watch yesterdays matches?

  • InTents Party Spply

    Props to all the staff working so hard in the inclement weather and practically around the clock since Friday AM.  And to all the companies that helped put it all together!

  • Counterfeit_Syn5304

    lol love that empire commercial…wish i had them to get me ready for the day

  • Masonwilliams25

    love the live broadcasting and the website! keep it up!

  • Tommy Selström

    Really suxxx the weather for the players… By the way it`s 8:46PM  here in Sweden and snowing, that suxxx

  • MrPresident2107

    The conversations that people have on here…your stupid…no you are…no you are…can we talk paintball?  Please!?

  • Donnie Callister

    technical difficulties. nice timing.

  • yourmother

    psp always gets the best weather for top 4…

  • Richard

    weather delay sucks ass

  • Eckzilla

    Great shit you all are doing depite the weather, thanks keep it up!!

  • Cogo_14

     Fun to hear Ned from South Park commentating.

  • boO

    LOL box on head “these arent my glasses”

  • Rich Knowles

    that is more of a lake, not a pitch

  • Dragon_Baller32

    aaand the feed’s down :<

  • Chris from Florida

    why is there no webcast now??

  • Jeff

    really??…down again…we then I wait

  • Guat.Mike

    is the stream off or is just me?

  • Team Mystery

    are we in a rain delay??

  • Joeperez11

    anyone else at a black screen

    • Josh


  • Diegouribem

    are you getting streaming rigth now???

  • Not Again

    Yup, down and out in SoCal, and my team was playing too.

  • Gghost571

    With the conditions they have had it is great to see any paintball!  Keep up the good work, my hat is off to the refs who get to stay out in the rain all day long.  

  • Pbstar2009


  • Pbstar2009

    anyone hear about the geo 3 ? i heard it was seen at galveston?

  • rodriguez

    did they canceled the game its not (live) no more!? D:

  • Gerencial Auditoria Contabilid

    i’m waiting from brazil

  • Wsevans33

    whats up with the live stream

  • Rich Knowles

    the next game is scheduled to start at 16:20 (CST)

  • Team Mystery

    i heard sound for the dye commercial…but no screen…refreshed and its gone…what the heck is going on

  • Jon_pallis

    how much time till next match?

  • Wsevans33

    how come i cant watch live stream and have no sound

  • MichaelB

    it hasnt been live for like an hour

  • Cwalch89

    is the webcast not working?

  • Wsevans33

    did the tourney get cancelled then

  • Cwalch89

    webcast need to do a better job at letting its viewers know whats going on during these delays! 

  • Boots27

    No More Webcast for today ?

  • Fsecrist2

    yea well i cant watch since it isnt broadcasting or my computer is messed up but i was watching earlier so it cant be that 

  • Boots27

    end for today ???

  • Cwalch89

    all the games better be free on replay cause im not paying for this 

  • Its_Culy_Yo

    Is anyone else having problem viewing it? or is it not even playing right now?

  • Damien Brown

    Has the webcast been cancelled due to weather

  • Cwalch89

    maybe there area lost power

  • Boots27

    the sounds come from a comercial just press the play button to see it

  • Not again

    I’m not getting it either.  To begin with I had to sneak in by going to the live site, then I’d see the no stream message, then I’d hit play and the video would start but I’d still see the no stream message, then I’d hit reload and everything would work.  Now when I hit play I get a canned commercial so some webmaster in their infinite wisdom fixed my cheat.  I love that the message states come back during game times.  What time do they think it is?

  • Fluffyvinti

    idk whats goin on

  • Uluberlu

    when is live coming back? if someone knows?

  • Damien Brown

    Any news on whats going on?

  • Tristenleto

    my screen just says there is not stream. check back 

  • Pballer36

    how do i get rid of this steam is off box? i refresh and it still doesnt go away? so annoying!!!

  • Mike

    Wash out !!!

  • Joe B

    So what happened to finals and everything? My steam hasn’t steamed anything new ever since the Weather delays… Anyone know?

  • Scores

    You can check out the scores at

  • PBVkid

    When will the replays of the divisional games be posted?

  • Bonez

    How about actually showing the games?

  • Fred

    Who Won The GalvestonEvent In The ProDivision…??

    • Josh

      no one they never played, it was cancelled all together because of the weather, but all the divisonal teams played there champonship sunday games which is gay, but ya no pro finals were played

  • Jami3

    Its just blank screen how come dose it come on a surtan time ??

  • Owen Hill

    A countdown to the next webcast. Nice!

  • Apstephens97

    Is the resume play the on demand? or was it rained out?

  • THEpurple

    well dam

  • Ckutsubos

    If it starts Tomorrow, April 19, why does the countdown say 1 day, 12 hours,xxxxx?

  • Ian Goldsmid

    thats what i want to know…. how can it be a day away?

  • Ben

    count down is wrong isn’t it, its counting down till friday morning not thursdsay morning?

  • Matt Bureau

    hi, The show start today ? with the galveston match ??? or not ??? thanks to reply ! (a french guy)

    • Leada

      today they complete galveston pro games

      • Matt Bureau

        but we’ll watch it there ?

  • Rick

    Does anyone know if you can watch this throug the browser on the ps3 freaking computer craped out yesterday..

    • Alekgateway

      most likely

    • Ni_cougar01

      yes you can thats what i did all last year!!!

      • Rick


  • SpikeWesker

    What the hell?

    I want to watch the make up games from Galveston,

  • Juice

    Starts today Thursday 19th? Right?

  • Ni_cougar01

    i thought the webcast would be up today?

  • ??????

    why does it say its one day away from broadcasting? please tell me there webcasting the rest of event 1 also

    • johnjacobjinglehymerschmit

      exactly what i was thinking

    • Rick

      Empire confirmed that the countdown clock is messed up, it will start today.

  • Christopher Garren

    an hour till the first point. get pumped

  • Paintballboy79

    am i the only one whos not seeing anything

  • Dlanxon

    Im in class and was counting on the webcast to get me through today lol

  • koonze

    first it was nine minutes….now its 18 minutes!

  • Ktoboston

    what is going on

  • Fuzzy

    So now I have to Waite another 20 minuets? Here’s an idea, how about if you don’t know when the feed Will be up then just say it will be up Shortly! This countdown to another countdown is b.s.! I just want to watch paintball with ease!

  • Christopherguerrero

    has the games started already

  • Asdf

    Tampa vs Houston …

  • SpikeWesker


    the clock is now counting foward.

    40 seconds ago41 seconds ago
    42 seconds ago

  • jptothetree

    i feel like those bunkers are way overfilled haha

  • ROCK44

    Yes, Paintball is finally back. Matt Marshall make all events better

  • Penis

    Geile Scheiße!

  • k2

    Whats with the MenInBlack look ? :)

  • ihateyou

    is this thing EVER gonna start?!!!!!

  • Pete

    PSP Phoenix Open day 1 – Stream is off message on my screen, yet the stream is playing…sigh…

  • Fabrice

    yer now on the air !!!!

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    Go DAMAGE!!!!

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    Totally not ting attention to class anymore….

  • Ckutsubos

    Seems a little bit laggy… anyone else?

  • ihateyou

    this is bullshit! they just keep extending the start time.

  • Uluberlu

    good job has been done great quality for the moment, much better

  • Rick

    Does anyone know how you can watch this throug the browser on the ps3 freaking computer craped out yesterday..

  • Asdf

    H.H. soo close guys

  • Noah

    Streams are viewable on iPhone and iPad for this entire event…

  • West Coast Meditation

    Nice Win Dave

  • Anthony San

    Is it just me or there is no quality option?

    • Anthony San

       NVM nothing like the refresh button wont fix :D

  • Vision

    Is final today from Galveston ?

  • Justin

    GO Upton 187 :)

  • Crispytweek

    love the feed thankful for commentators but stop saying ya know! please and thanks.  KEEP IT UP Paintball in the media.

  • Michaud12


  • Airmancunningham

    I think it should be on by now right?

  • Micky88

    Congrats 187. Everyone of them are chill just very nice guys can’t wait to see what they become. IT’S MURDA

  • Fabrice

    we should have sheet pumping up so we can see the result div per Div 

  • Sindre

    Is it Turf?

  • BoškoHPS

    Go Moscow

    • 4pizdarije


      • antesvimeznate

         boško je glavonja :P

  • Have

    Why are they calling them moscow and Not Boston anymore?

  • Capitan182

    is the fucking camera guy drunk

  • BoškoHPS

    Jel gleda ko ovo iz Hrvatske?

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    he save the point….

  • Angel Hernandez

    u see boys…. they save a point….  have a chance to tie the game…

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  • West Coast Meditation (Tim)

    Wow Bobby! Good Stuff -Tim

  • SD Nightmare

    WOW, 1second left win! WOW

  • Rick

    wtf..! :(

  • Chris Vandal Ramirez

    lasoya!!! matty!!! shout out from SD Vandals in san diego!!

  • Micky88


  • Chris Vandal Ramirez

    jrab stop cryin every time!!!

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    is there any way to watch on an xbox?

  • ihateyou

    what’s with the “stream is off” black box bullshit?!!!!

  • nope

    Iis it like the St.Tropez Layout?

  • Anthony Ramos

    why do i have a stream window uo in the middle of my screen i cant watch the livestream?????/

  • Anthony Ramos

    anybody kno how to fix it???

    • ihateyou

      close the page on log back on…worked for me.

  • Dany Kuz’min

    Красиво сыграли

  • Spikewesker


    shout out to all people involved in the organization and the webcast.
    Thank you guys

  • cameron

    Tampa = #winners

  • Bignewf11

    anyone know if seattle thunder has matches today?

    • Bradal108

      yes they do

  • Dany Kuz’min

    Есть еще кто россияне???

    • Sergey


  • Ty Branski

    Heat better come back with this shit. Where is konstantin? 

  • Ty Branski

    This looks like it was recorded with a toaster. why is that?

  • ihateyou

    webcast would be much better without lasoya

    • Smartpart

       Lasoya is a badass.

    • Razeandjadith

       I have no idea why you would say that his commentary is great and he is always catching some great things that we miss on camera. I hope lasoya stays as a commentator.

  • Graffitiballa

    chad george shot that infamous player across the field! Penalty should be on INFAMOUS

  • Leonardo Estevam

    Tampa Damage is overall!!! Amazing how they´re going over the other teams!!!

  • Adamfredriksson

    Something is fucked up, is this fucking filmed with a potato?

  • Dany Kuz’min

    the good moment!a perfect game

  • ihateyou

    why is the picture sometimes clear and then sometimes it looks like they’re filimg with a potato?

    • Florian Stammerjohann

       same here (germany hh)

  • ???????

    the announcers look kinda old, I thought they were really young, but whatever. :)

  • Los

    must be practicing the angles.  hard to follow compared to past webcasts

  • evan

    did dynasty and damage play yet?

  • Chris Williamson1

    Loving the webcast!  Crazy cool!  Loving the stats.  Field looks great

  • Pump Scout

    Shoutout to the stats guys!

  • FratOrDie

    Whats the deal with the webcast playing a 20-30 second section then immediately replaying it?

  • Sergey

    есть конечно



  • fortsaskkraze

    Webcast is awesome.   NPPL take note.

  • Noah

    stream is viewable on iPhone and iPads

  • Hdusk

    this shit sucks

  • Dferifn

    paintball if for broke as fags

  • Mad-maxx

    Where can I find the Empirepaintbal commercial again? Its really fun to watch it ;-)

  • johno

    anymore games to be played?

  • Mad Maxx

    I meant the one with the guy wake up and all of the Players help him to start the day ;-)

  • dc kid 21

    its 1:42 !!!

  • Jdjeffers831

    wtf the time of game keeps changing

  • wrxguy

    when is the next game??

  • Peter Lane

    Why ads when there are games being played?

  • Samantha Lynn Ruter

    wish there were girl players!


      there are

      • ZARSKER

        im glad there arent

        • Dustin Holst

          your a dick @29a4083816b64c7e7cb84d052f5267b1:disqus  Learn some respect

    • Aditren

      Thats would be awesome.

    • PB’r

      NPPL had a girls team poison ivy d2 i think, a veteran girls team coming back to play and they played well. PSP a whole diff animal no all girl teams yet, although i have seen a few girls playin over the yrs. 

      • Hy:gripj

        D3… and they came in fourth… out of 4 in HB. Anyone could form a team and come in last…

  • Gelsonbonfim


  • Kyle Soares

    why wont it work for me ahhhh

  • Jarmo Nieminen

    its no different from hockey, not always can you score on PP.

  • Codycrist89

    take this stupid box off that is int he middle of the dam screen

    • Noah

      try refreshing your page

  • Chase Givens

    diggin the live webcast!

  • Niggahrich

    Blake Bearham’s the fucking boss on thunder, nice work boiii

  • MagicHobo

    wow been a while since ironmen have looked this good

  • Nikorussell_1996

    Is the webcast down? Cause it is no longer working.

  • Bailey Mceniry

    it keeps turning fucking green!!! WTF

  • MagicHobo

    wow dynasty get it together

  • Andreas

    Sweden is her

  • MagicHobo

    wow so u play an entire tournament and then just throw it away in 1 game 

  • Christian Campbell

    how do they keep track of the “G” count for each player?

  • nope

     Hello PB World, its 12:20 am over here and finally Dynesty comes up!
    Greets from Germany

  • jsauce0

    webcast all divisions

  • Andreas

    We miss Stockholm Joy!

  • Elbiso2004

    Watching from SLP México. This is the bomb!!!!!

  • Ditorox

    HD camera?

  • Vision

    sorry mate Dynasty lost….

  • nope

    :( what a shame…

  • dbo12

    Ok really? Why complain about quality? At least they have thier webcast up and running, unlike NPPL’s Hunnington Beach?

    • john

      psp’s was down the first day of texas too. don’t hate

  • Nick Schaedel

    where’d the score go?

    • nope

       full screen or refresh the page

  • Dynasty237

    dynasty all the way

  • Kammmeno_palikari

     the finals will be today ?

  • Jsonvega

    good morning from Cambodia :D

  • Marc Auger

    where’s the webcast? i can’t see it from this page 

  • Dddokken

    They need to come up with a better way to let people know stream is off. If this is not currently live, fine. A black box in the middle of the screen sucks.

    • nope

       stream is on! It is live!

      • Bxvr1

        Is it still streaming? Iv got nothing. Screen frozen


    different cameras give different quality not a fan of race to but good job guys!!!

  • eddieatdye

    Commentating was really good, and the teams left it all on the field today. Good job to everyone out there! Way to put on a show.

  • pbGirl

    Why does it say that the stream is off but its playing behind the box?

  • Bxvr1

    Is the web cast frozen or is it just me

  • Rrrrrrrrr

  • Rrrrrrrrrr

    damage won!!!!!!!!!

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  • Kenneth_demeyere

    i keep on falling on to the fact that everytime steve rabackoff does an intervieuw,he keeps holding on/touching the player’s he’s intervieuwing,is that weird or is is just me ?

    • Christopher Garren

      lol, I noticed that as well. Just waiting for a player that is uncomfortable with it to flip out.

  • Brian Grimes

    What happened to the sound?

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  • Malake207

    how do i get rid of that stream is off notification 

  • Dgghjjkll

    Sound not working chief

  • Pimpen

    What time is it there now ? Cuz I’m in the UK right now :) .

  • yo

    should be up in about 20m min

  • Royrichard714

    By far the best webcast I’ve seen for professional paintball yet. Good Job Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aberr1982

    are they 
    webcasting right now ?????

  • Protoguy64

    lets get the stream going

  • NoMeGusta

    Please fix the dang feed. Potato cameras are not making us happy, Looks like an Nppl web-cast

    • Uluberlu

      like comparaison with nppl webcast xD

  • Flavio Augusto Castro Milhomem

    Please stay online with the stream

  • nostream?

    can anyone see the stream? its 802…

  • Umass

    on the score count at the bottom of the screen, what are those 5 lit up dots that are undernerneath team names? i thought it was a body count but i dont think so

  • Waldo

    Its saying the webcast is off

  • Paintballer2452

    when is the broadcast supposto start today?

  • Claycommunication

    is the feed up yet??????

  • Morbo

    soooo???? Ironman vs Infamous already playing??

  • Sebastián Zeeva Galeano

    Not working…  =( 

  • facebook-699337621

    what time EST does the stream start?

  • Lightning

    Well glad to see that the webcast is working….Why u no working :(

  • Uluberlu

    it’s supposed to have begun, why nobody keep informed viewer… don’t know if it’s from me or you because we have no news … maybe it will be something to think about for the next webcasts… yet good work about quality when it’s working ;) keep on that way ;)

  • tristan

    Get these bugs off the lens it’s trippin me out!!

  • allstarwanabee

    man that hd is awesome

  • Sebatian

    Matty and Chris are so professional… wow this webcast is amazing… greets from Guatemala

  • Hmunsch

    wheres the stream im ready and waiting

  • Sebastian

    The avarage watching per IP adress should be 3.. here at my work Guatemala we are watching 5 persons

  • Adam

    How many cases of paint does a pro team burn through in one of these tourny’s?

  • Ceclark1

    Webcast looks so good on my smartweb tv.  Love it!

  • Andrew

    Webcast isnt working for me at work =( it worked fine all day yesterday. Now I just get the black box where the webcast would be playing but it just says loading… and I get nothing.

  • Ariel


    Moonwalkers FTW!!!



  • Teflon Don

    Agreed! Great job on the broadcast!

  • Afieber

    How many cases of paint do these guys shoot in a tourny!

  • PHATBOY4578


  • Phatboy4578

    37 AND STILL LOVE THIS GAME. Thank you for making this possible!!!!

    • Chlrtr

      Dude I am 42 just learned about paintball last year.  I feel like I have missed out for the last 20 years.  lol  Love the produciton of paintball access.

    • Aditren

      Bro ima be 38 in 2days. I love this game

    • DYETECH62


      • Seannyboxx

         Is this Leo or Don? This is Sean from the team. haha

        • DYETECH62


      • Mark

         playing at 56 in top division here in Oz – loving it!!

  • Claudio

    Watching from Naples; Italy

    Go Houston Heat

  • Justin

    let’s go damage!!!!

  • Williams

    Im overseas and im watching the webcam and doing everything to promote paintball and this event online!

  • Nar Nar

    shacka bro 420 from canada go x factor

  • Savageone66

    This is like sitting right above the playing field….  AMAZING!

  • Steel546

    This is the most boring crap EVER

  • Steel546

    Say something less than positive and you take off my comment?  No balls..

  • Leanne Denise

    are they only webcasting Pro?? wut about D1?

  • Carlos Gyles

    did anyone see the bug on the screen lol

  • sdpballer

    Oustanding Webcast. Well done, PSP.

  • Bobthong

    LOOKING GOOD PBA! I think everyone would look for more HD 1080, but its great! also if we could here more on the field that would be awesome!

  • Otavio Queiroz

    AfterShock de azul é mto estranho. Ainda nao consegui me acostumar! :P

  • Carlos Gyles

    wheres the poll at on fb????

  • dc kid 21

    why is it still the Galveston layout well at least it looks like it

    • Leanne Denise

      its the same layout bcuz the weather was really bad so they canceld all the pro’s games so they are doing it now and they didnt want them playing two different layouts so they just kept it the same

  • shooter mcgavin

    show tb breakout when mr brown is in

  • Jokes21

    Damage is just being more aggressive, therefore winning… Aftershock needs to step up the push…

  • Nick Schaedel

    Did that guy have Ice I4′s?

  • Reureu

    The guy on the field needs to stutter less.

  • Kwakkie

    whatching from Germany, yeaterday I watched it till 00:00 but I had to go to bed since I had to get to work again at 05:00. We really apriciate it that we can watch the US events here to, keep continuing the excellent work!

  • jl_941

    why cant i see the webcast?

  • Boomboom

    I have to give CEP credit for going out there ballin on a prayer.

    But the PSP really needs to consider what the Millennium-Series does with the bottom 2 pro teams drop down a Div. While the top 2 from D1 move up.

  • jl_941

    wtf i cant see shit

  • Crook

    where the hot chicks at? 

  • Joker198

    lol CEP Constantly Earning Penalties hilarious and dead on

  • Whats a name?

    How do they advance to the finals? Do they have to win at least two preliminary matches? 

  • Eric

    CEP is just getting ripped right now. 

  • Steven Lorenz

     the webcast is sick..

  • Wiggy_ga17

    why does it say stream is off….when is the next one startin in eastern time??? anyone know??

    • Whats a name?

      It is on, its just a glitch lol i had the same message, but it is live. 

  • ChristianFredrikGustavsen

     a greeting from Norway insanely fun to sit on Friday evening and enjoy lots of good paintball that comes from you thank you Best regards Christian

  • Coffeenow1988

    when is this day over. like what time?

  • Coffeenow1988

    when is this day over. like what time?

  • Marc/

    lmao @ ryan….looka shook???? excellent commentary dudes keep it going it’s good for paintball ;-) )

  • omaker

    is stream up for everyone?

  • kapone00

    Love the  webcast, thank you guys
    Go Houston Heat

  • paratrooper_84

    is it still on?

  • Timroberts37

    Wtf i want to watch the replays but it says stream is off i nthe middle of the screen but still playing …..

  • Matthewopb3

    not working

  • derdershortbus1

    what just happened? turn it back onnnnnnn

  • Eodaly

    was the best web cast

  • Noah

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Feed is down temporarily down due to technically issue. Be back up as quickly as possible

  • Noah

    Feed is back up!

  • Eddie Austin

    You guys should have a +/- stat like hockey..  How many points were lost when the person started the point subtracted for how many points they won while starting the match.

  • Kylec27

    why is it off now there are still more games

  • Jaxx 22

    love the reporting, good job guys

  • Kylec27

    so is it down again’

  • Ironwinter96

    did damage wear brown jersey before???

  • DYB

    Hey Guys, Sorry for the small delays and at time slow speeds with the broadcast. We are working hard at trying to bring you the bets product we can and the amount of viewers was more then we expected (more then Galveston) We are boosting our output speed to make it better. Thanks for the support and the patience. We will stay on it until its perfect.


    • Leanne Denise

      is there a reason why only pro games are showing?? would LOVE to watch d1 play

  • Mr Hanky

    i liked the old snake better

  • Ollie’s mom

    Love the double camera shots and those in the pits.  Your guys commentary keeps it alive.  Thanks

  • Brian Grimes

    Come on Dynasty!

  • Robert Smith

    It has “stream is off” layered on top of the stream (which is NOT off) for some reason :(

  • styme77

    great tournament so far but i dont understand what the DYNASTY was doing in the game against the RED LEGION they should of been playing the way they usally do but anyway go DYNASTY

  • wecandothis

    can we please remove the black box that is blocking most of the screen that says the sream is off????? thanks…



  • eddieatdye

    100% best webcast ever.


    thank you – black box is gone-

  • Kanonjon Mathiesen

    good game between heat and vicious, very tense!

  • Mohamed Chain

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  • dbo12

    How can i get rid of the “Stream is off” crap even though i’m watching the video?? =/

  • Jimbo

    great to see this, love being able to go back and watch all the the fact i can watch em at all…

    i have 1 critisism though….. will you give more of a commentary on what is happening rather than talking about what you think should happen…. leave the analysis and conversation for the 2 mins pit stops, after game or when there is a bit off a stand off with not much action.

    In game i would much rather hear who has been taken off the break, real time commentary as guys are doing run throughs… who is trading with who that sort of stuff.. 

    • Protoguy64

      i agree ,thay talk way to much about BS.

    • yourstupid

      they talk about all of that retard…………………

    • Umass

       theyre trying to teach you a thing or two and it has to be right after it happens or else youd have no idea what they were talking about or why. they do a fairly good job at letting us know whats happening. if anything they should have a layout diagram in the corner with dots where players are and then they disapear when they get shot.

  • Brian Thomson

    hey guys you are doing an amazing job and im from england i been both night till the end nice job and keep it going !!!!

  • Erniesimard

    187 is looking good but they still have alot to learn

  • Junior111997

    is yours working i cant even see any thing were do i click

  • Andrue

    says stream is off wtf????????????????????

  • Coffeenow1988

    when is it starting?

  • HKballer1420

    I’m 14 and playing D4

  • Bulletproof

    lovin your coverage in the UK, especially Matty and his team.

  • Mark Bennett

    love the game miss the game and cannot wait to be able to afford to play again :) big ups to jason wheeler and axel gaudin from europe as well go guys

  • Fdddddx

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  • Coffeenow1988

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  • 1shot1kill

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  • Irishmafia8121

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  • Samir

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  • Micky88

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  • Pipe

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  • pballin03

    I HAVE A BIG BLACK BOX IN THE MIDDLE OF MY VIDEO THAT SAYS “PSP PHOENIX OPEN DAY 2 @562ba38feb4706377f684e9a993922e0:disqus 
    STREAM IS OFF”  the video is still playing in the background but is dimmed and this black box blocks out all the action!


  • Sindre

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  • Fake

    PSP web cast>NPPL web cast. HB was a joke, but it was cool to see some d1 teams play online

  • BROBOY67


  • Chadfaling

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  • Chadfaling

    i also like davey as a commentator

  • Michele Ranney Martin White

    great coverage and commentary, now that the black box is gone (reloaded the page). So fun watching my son, Ryan Martin and LA Ironmen winning, while sitting sipping coffee at home!

  • Ckutsubos

    Video isnt as good as Galveston in terms of clarity/quality… still love it much more that NPPL though.

  • gaby_3_6

    this webcast is so cool men! please keep on doing quality vids and lives like this! thumbs up!

  • DriveCaptain

     Matty, looking good buddy, Chris, you still owe me my one on one for a gun, don’t think I forgot. lol  You guys are doing a FANTASTIC JOB.

  • Jamesjiggins

    All im getting is advert z0mg

  • TyWrap

    That was an awesome shot Sosine-Jrab

  • Help

    What are some good guns that are around 300-600 $?

  • Tanman1028

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  • Chupala

    please shut up for one second

  • Geoffrais

    What is the match now?

  • twan

    I saw Damage loosing against Dynasty and Tontons at Millennium Series France – St. Tropez-Cannes | French Riviera Cup. So in my opinion it wasn´t their first loss since chicago ;) greetz from Germany/Netherlands


  • Lakai_boi

    Davy williams was a good choice for a commentator

  • guest

    Does anyone else’s webcast keep skipping sporatically?

  • Timbman

    What about RL’s 2nd game?

  • paintballer4l

    Camera crew and announcers need to keep up with match progress and kills in matches. How did Ironmen go from 5 alive to being beat by 187 to go 4-4. 

  • Ra1211ma

    Thank you for making it possible to let love ones like: parents, gran-parents, friends, co-workers and Love ones that can not make it to these events. Thank you again.

  • Ggorski

    Excellent work so far, really enjoy the split view on breakouts.  Keep up the good job!

  • Static

    “Clutch” is being way over used, closely followed by “flipside”

  • Dddokken

    having an issue with the feed right now. Seems to be working fine yet a black box keeps popping up saying stream is off. Had been watching for over an hour without it but now it is there. Refreshed & restarted several times but still there??????????

  • paintballer4l

    Again keep up with game announcers. 3 Infamous players get shot out at the same time and next Aftershock only has one player from 4. What happend? Keep up Matty oyur to good.

  • Pbfrontman

    I love paintball so much it’s fun you meet great people and make great friends. The only downside is getting older :(
    to be 20 forever :)

    • Static

       Stay in shape take care of yourself and you will remain able to play.. I’m 37 and have won 3 1v1 tourneys and play snakeside for different teams at 6″ 180. I see things at a different perspective as I did at 20 ( The Dive Head First Age).

  • Eagles751

    greetings from Ohio, looks even better than yesterday

  • Yanoex3

    its broken!!! 

  • Ryan Henderson

    This is great for those who cant be there who would absolutely love to be there. Thanks for filling us in and keeping in touch with the game.

  • Hornc75

    I’m very impressed with every team out here! X-factor is playing great, as well as every other team!

  • Bailey Mceniry

    am i the only one who is seeing all green every like 5 mins -.- #FML

  • igglez

    The old dude talks way to much

  • Aolail

    Can’t believe damage lost twice today..

  • Ryan White

    Matty looks like he really enjoys contaminating, but davey just stares off and looks around haha

  • midwestpball7

    This webcast is incredible, psp please come back to missouri

  • steph

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  • dynasty fan

    Dynasty Y U NO win? :(

  • TNAX

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  • Sergei

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  • Yoga Gamer

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  • Whats a name?

    How do the teams make it to Sunday playoffs?

  • A Walsh93

    love being able to follow all the great team all the timme

  • Seannyboxx

     The webcast seems really zoomed in and grainy

  • Jbox

    Matty Marshal just said that ” It’s a topsy turvy world.”

  • Aditren

    What do you guys do to keep the paintball from swelling up in this heat and reduce Bourne.

  • Lbarry1

    How about feeds from the other fields.

  • Eric

    Whats the dots underneath the score board?

  • Big_L_ECBallers_Youtube

     Come On Thunder, Come on # 19 Crims Reppin’ OXCC

    Wasup Todd!!!!

  • John Benson

    Incredible broadcast! The quality continues to get better and better. Great job to the entire production crew!

    Somebody tell Todd Martinez to take his sunglasses off. That’s one thing you absolutely don’t do in broadcasting and he’s doing it.

  • Nuffynick

    i really dont understand why he is trash talking nico perry right now…smh

  • Kapone444

    Come on dynasty

  • Keatonbraun

    Great job, wish I was there to see this in person but this webcast is definetly a close second. ;)

  • Tshorty50210

    It randomly will do loading?/ but its good otherwise

  • london mayhem

    this is the best thing since spankwire ;) this is the only way to keep up with the best across the pond.

  • Miro Wilshier

    Is Damage out now?

  • Anders Astrupgaard

    Love luxe :)

  • Shaan Patel

    Check out for some fresh gear from a fresh company, and like our facebook page for the chance to win free gear.

  • Monkwrench03

    my fave part is how real these commentators are so real and explain whats going on so you can walk away and still know what’s happening 

  • dytchell

    holland midnight paintball good job boys

  • Zentinela

    hi from  chiapas  mexico!!

  • Scooba

    39 in August. Started in 88′

    * Lasoya kinda sux at commentary - we miss Nicky

  • Usaf_mech

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  • JJ

    Waiting from Malaysia. Love this game..!!

  • Will

    Is there anyway to watch yesterdays games? I didnt catch them.

  • Austin

    i just get a black box please help!!

  • Rubix

    Barrel cams and head cams but not them big huge things we all run around with :p they need micro cams fitting into the masks or sumthing. And awsome job guys been a plesure following the action from thursday all the way from the uk. 2 am finishe’s haha keep it up

  • skinny vinny


  • HA DER

    Wait so how does this work? Is it like 1 game elimination or what? And how do brackets work, is it like seed 8 vd seed 7 and so on or what?

  • Snake Pliskin

    Fucking cheating faggot troll! One of the worst cheaters in pball…..praise Jesus!

  • nick

    PLEASEEE come to Canada and do all of this for the CXBL!!

  • Ajschoening

    how can i get this box off my screen it say something about the times and if they are offline give them a moment

    • Tim Campanaro

      refreshing the page worked for me 

  • Miguel Rodriguez

    Nices rush 

  • Gustafsonbr

    The corner player was hit in the back of the left leg

  • Ben from Singapore

    Just watched the interview with Matty Marshal on paintball statistics. I must say sir, you are doing a really good job!

  • Bryan Kennedy

    kepps saying psp pheonix day 3 is offline

  • lentez ontiveros


    • Ernesto Sin

      Saludos!!! Ags AGS Mexico!! :D

  • Eric

    is the horn not working?

  • Neil LaBelle

    come on infamous! pull your heads out of your asses and lets go!

  • Swipe’d

    this is hella dope!

  • Jacob

    Paintball needs to be on tv more often!!

  • Jaboogie24

    looks great, if only it would play without stopping every 10 seconds

    • Noah

      Refresh page and should be better for you

  • Noah

    Watch the event on Your iPhone or iPad!

  • pizzall

    Anyone else having problem watching the video?

    • Noah

      What issue are you having?

  • Hmunsch

    center the picture please

  • Razeandjadith

    Wow guys the “Keys to victory” thing you just put up is such a great idea. Stimulates some great talking points and adds to the tension as a viewer. psp has moved ahead leaps and bounds this event. oh and thanks so much for putting up galveston games . please get VOD for pheonix up too since i missed the last few damage games. 

  • Lightsout777

    This Q’s may be a little late but what are those objects on some of the players barrels, lip-stick cameras?

  • David Griffin317

    colt got the penalty…

  • Andrew Perotti

    please stop making steve interview people, he stumbles alot, hard to watch

    • Clark Kent

      Rab is doing an awesome job, why not you try doing interviews in 100 degree sun baking your brain for the last 4 days

      • guest

         he’s been like this since friday…

        • ddr

           you try doing interviews while watching numerous games from a tower, climbing up and down it all day while trying to remember every peron hes interviewing names. then climb back up to a tower to commentate.

          then looks at idiot comments about the webcast that is FREE for you to watch while in your nice little chair with AC.

          • Clark Kent

            well said ddr, thank you. Congats to a HEAT!!

      • Du

        He stumbles and doesn’t ask clear questions, but rather comment, and its been the same the whole tournament since Thursday when they were finishing up the Galveston event

      • Jdiddy871

        yea but he just wanna talk shit an gas his son up man

  • Ben from Singapore


  • EVAN!

    Massive kudos to the announcers for talking nonstop about paintball games for so long. Although paintball IS awesome, you must want to talk about ANYTHING ELSE when you get home! 

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

    My constructive criticism: beneath the score, blips going off indicating player eliminations need to be more immediate/accurate.

  • Jforrest66

    WHat’s with the banner with the exclamation point displaying streaming times across the center of the video????

    • Noah

      Those are key points in the stream marking the beginning of games that have already been played. The live stream is like DVR or Tevo where you go back catch anything you missed

  • Jarmo Nieminen
  • Spartanjos

    is it me or theres no audio?

  • Spartanjos

    somebody knows what measure of barrel snakes use?

  • Crispytweek

    loving the broadcast only gripe is hearing ya know over and over and over thats just as bad as saying ummmmm in between sentences. other than that love everything.

  • Rskivington

    Lets go STATIC! CFP <3

    • Detrimentpaintball


  • CFPHowie

    Anyone know what time the D1 finals are gonna be?

  • PB

    wheres wheeler at ? 

  • Sindre

    It was Evegny Zakharov not Golev :P

  • Miro Wilshier

    there is already fantasy paintball…

  • Atila089

    RLegion is in tha house !! The Black Beast reborn

  • Chele Segura

    are you going to webcast the UWL?

  • Nbt231

    when does RNT play again?

  • Nick Casey

    Maybe for the next webcast you could make a little over-lay that shows how many players are left on each team. It would be very benificial :)

  • JP

    Moscow Red Ligion poooorraaaaaaa!!!

  • Stephen Brown

     This is the best webcast I’ve seen for professional paintball and the stats are the best thing pro paintball has seen for a long time. Good work guys.

  • Josip Čefko

    i’m unable to watch live games? getting only comercials.

  • pbchaz

    This wecast is awesome guys best I’ve watched great job!!!

  • Marko

    fix the feed.. it keeps stopinggg

  • Apoorman

    It would be nice if you could indicate the number of players alive during play for the point.  I really like the webcast of the play and Steve’s interviews.  Thanks  

  • Smooter3

    Todd fix your shirt it looks like you got droopy man boobs

  • Ggorski

    This is the best broadcast yet!   The split screen and ticker across the top is great.  Thanks for the excellent work.

  • Jacob Bell

    Glory BOy!

  • Jake

    Chris “Glory Boy” Lasoya

  • robert

    Hey Todd check your twitter

  • Master Blaster

    don’t forget Julio…

  • Linda

    Bring home the metal AGAIN…Cleveland Imperial-D4

  • Gugy

    Remove the scores it lags it

  • Xephotic

    Denver Fury :D

  • Jdiddy871

    north east too matty

  • paintballer4l

    Eat um up CFP. Caleb Spires is my hero. 

  • Dmann

    It has cooled down from 102 to 100 get the winter clothes out. At least it’s not Raining…lol

  • maxgoldmag

    Any chance next tourney there can be a camera looking down on the field getting the whole game view not just individual players? 

  • Leonardo

    Stream will be starting at 8am PST till 5pm PST. If we are offline in between please give us a moment to fix it.

    Always this msg.

  • balla

    deff need a hot piece of ass with that mic instead of this dude talkin to all the teams… you 3 up there announcing are pimps get a how to do your work down at the field

    • balla


  • hustlin all day

    give that mic to the chick workin in the eclipse tent from england!

  • Krusnikov

    this is lagging soo hard

  • Jokerpaintball04

    whats wrong with the servers

  • Allmygirlsneme

    Get Bea Paxon to interview……

  • Tylermiller99

    webcast is lagging a ton

  • Jakeman123

    mines not working.. wont load anyhing

  • Matt

    stop showing the scores, cant go 2 mins without it lagging. 

  • WEEston

    Fix it! It’s lagging now.

  • Terry ahkee

    it lags because people keep refreshing

  • Adrenalinarmy

    LAGGGGGGGGGGGG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Icericcy

     Would be nice if the webcast would not buffer every 2 minutes or so -.-

  • Chlrtr

    WHy is the stream lagging all of the sudden I have had no issues all weekend

  • bergs

    LAAGGGGGGGGG, cant even watch 4 seconds, until it loads for 20. Worked fine yesterday. And this is the same computer and the same network. Its not coming from my end. Others r having the same issue. Please fix before finals! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! And it repeats the commercials and even gameplay sometimes. Somethings weird…

  • Irvic Rodriguez Bruckman

    yeah i noticed since the scores have been up the webcast has been lagging

  • Jason Allen Nelson

    I don’t think it is the scores lagging it. I think it is all the people logged on watching the webcast. I personally like the info on the bottom

  • Remajor1

    loading loading loading loading loading how many times does it want to load tonight

  • Cfpsmileyface

    Revo is a good team the have realy fought there way to the top and all they have to do is just play tite and take there time in this mach. ps you guys know the webcast stops every 10 sec. right why is that?

  • Derek Garma

    i love the live score feed, but for future events you should make it scroll faster! great webcast guys


  • Noah

    Guys had to restart the stream. Buffering issue should be fixed. Thanks for the understanding.

  • Keith Rowland2008

    froze up here

  • P1nhe4d

    Awesome webcast! all of it is great, lots of cameras and good commentary, I like how you show the pits during the game. Maybe a little more behind the scenes in between points. 



  • Yorkie

    goog luck to jason wheeler from red liegon from Yorkie all your friends at Bricket Wood Paintball in the UK, go for it home boy

  • guest

    is todd high?

    • Zach Ab’ Stract Horwedel

      i was just thinkin that

      • guest

         I thought he was too lol

  • guest

    is todd high?

  • Paintball News Asia

    PaintballNews.Asia tuning in from Singapore

  • Daniel_506_

    this live stream is glitchy as hell

    • Noah

      Thanks Daniel, please refresh your page. Should be better now. 

  • Kellen713

    WTH is anybody else having problems with this???? It keeps going to commercial like every 30 seconds during the match!! >:(

    • Remajor1

      ive had to reload like a hundred times in the last thirty min

  • Kellen713

    WTF it didnt even post my comment this thing is lagging so bad….. it keeps going to commercial every 30 seconds during the match

    • Zach Ab’ Stract Horwedel

      click the live button at the bottom of the tool bar of the video player

  • Alex Cathey

    LOVE the Lasoya, Marshall, and Martinez lineup for commentary. And Rab is doing good interviews he just looks new in front of the camera. Awesome webcast, its like superbowl Sunday in my dorm watching this with my buddies.

  • Camedlock

    Anyone else’s going into FTL mode even they are still talking from before break?

  • Patrick

    Watch on doesn’t leg, and is the same webcast!

  • Noah

    Guys, we are working through some streaming issue. They should be resolved. 

    • Remajor1

      thank you

  • Sonny Buenteo

    why did they add a race bunker at the dorito 50?

  • lilmikey

    is everyone else as laggy as i am its all in 15 to 20 sec intervals then stops 

  • Burninghacky

    i vote for hot girls in bikinis cleaning bunkers between points

  • guest

    waited all day to watch d2 finals and it lagged past the entire match…

    • Noreply

      Poor you 

  • Leonardo

    The finals will lag a lot!!!

  • Jaboogie24

    any word on when it will stop lagging?

  • Alatorre10

    thank you so much PBA…. goooooo ruskys!!!!!

  • Alatorre10

    forecast RRL 5 point up

  • Michael Jwz Marugg


  • Mak606

    They have to fix the lag on this!!!

  • Kev

    personally I appreciate showing the score monitor above the screen very creative. I was able to see how my friend’s team was doing. However, the score monitor does seem to be lagging the webcast. So as a alternative approach to fix this problem, you can always move this score monitor from this link to a different location on the website. That way people have less problems with lagging. Just a suggestion besides that I find the webcasts are getting better for this 2012 PSP season. good job  

  • Noah

    Guys, the score thing has nothing to do with the lagging.  The encoder on site, which encodes the stream for web delivery has been running for 10.5 hours in 95 degree weather and the equipment is over heating. We are working through the issue and will do our best to get us through the finals here. Thanks for the patience

  • Jokerpaintball04

    can u please fix the really bad lagg

  • MaMbo Mad Weird

    i have no lag the whole day but once pro finals come on i cant watch without it buffering every 5 seconds?!

  • Detrimentpaintball

    Yo this game is up man

  • EVAN!

    The lights below the team names that indicate how many players are left are almost never correct. need to be updated better.

    Otherwise, fantastic webcast. many thanks to everyone involved, and kudos to announcers for their endless announcing.

  • Detrimentpaintball

    Pro finals are coming

  • mason1108

    thank you guys so much for trying to fix any problems and trying to let us watch these games. you’re doing great

  • Jonbohannon

    This lag is Ridiculous guys

  • Pffff

    Why do they say G’s? What does it stand for? I know it mean an elimination..but why say G?

  • Whydoucare

    Fix the camera! All green screen!

  • Austin Birdwell

    I wish t would stop stopping every 3-5sec :/

  • EVAN!



    REMOVE THE SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EVAN!

    Houston Heat beat the Phoenix heat ;)

  • Arron Mayers

    Thanks for the great weekend filled with amazing paintball. I believe this will help grow paintball alot! Last stream made me get back into paintball after quitting for two years watching it just gave me that urge to play thanks again!

  • JPGraham13

    Good job Heat

  • Eric Lightfoot

    PBA , Matty,  you all gave me a GREAT weekend thru and thru Go Heat , and a little pointer to all who watch this all week and Sunday, if ya get lag even if its not at the exact moment, rewind 1:30 seconds and you will solve all your problems..

  • Sean Kosmann

    I will say, from growing up at PEVS in NOVA, it’s awesome to be able to see some of the guys I used to play with now topping the league. Overall I think the webcasts are amazing and a great start. There are always things that can be improved, but for what it is, you guys did great!!

    One thing i would change sooner than later is some kind of filing system for the videos, I unfortunately had to fly home during the finals yesterday, and was hoping to see how it all went down. Having the videos labeled and filed would make life easier.

    Thank you to everyone that put time into making the live streaming happen, I live down in Southwest Virginia now, and giving up competition paintball has been the hardest part of my move! Keep up the great work!

  • Luislobato24

    can we watch the webcast some where else?

  • clemchem

    you should replay the events when nothing else is going on

  • Maybe

    Vicious beat them in Phoenix.  Hope they do it again.

  • stats update?

    When are the stats going to be udpdated?

  • HHH

    cant wait to see this :D

  • Number1goaley


  • Lukemau

    i think the webcast is great and they do talk alot of bs but its all information just like they do in football ect..its facts bout players teams and the history of the sport cuz as much as we who play know about paintball there are alot of ppl that dont play. They r trying to introduce it to new ppl n all the ppl on here bitching about it  dont watch. its free n its hours and hours of live paintball wen has there ever been hours of paintball i remember watching old warpig videos n searching n searching for videos with no1 commentating n ppl just running around no idea wtf was going on unless u played. Get wit the times they r bringing a live broadcast n its there 1st season. i bet the nba sucked there 1st season commentating so cut them sum slack and instead of bitching bout wat they do wrong give suggestions on improvements they could make…also very impressed that steve r DIDNT up talk justin at all..said “wat r you doing” wen he got the major at the 50. No favortism from any of the commentators. GOOD JOB MATTY IS GOD!!! such a good writer commentator!

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