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  • Coxr347

    When will this be available

  • CanadianKiller

    This sounds awesome.

  • Guy

    get it up i missed the webcast and hella wanna see the games!

  • robert banks

    coming sooner then later i hope!

  • da boss

    Is there an idea on when the videos might be uploaded..  I have alot of freinds and family that want to watch games.. please n thank u

  • Jccool2009




  • Partytime

    lets get this up and rolling alot of people want to see the games.

  • Jgeotina

    home next event is much better… 

  • Macred

    Any idea when games will be uploaded? I am particularly interested in the D1 and D2 finals from Galveston. Please and thank you :)

  • TheTeflonDon

    Can’t wait to see the video on demand footage!

  • whats taking sooo long?

    dude seriously when is going to be up???? why feature it and not even have it working

  • Dale

    the stats are a nice touch and will help to further legitimize paintball in the way that other major league sports are viewed. but lets see some games on demand. all my friends are dying to see the games i keep telling them about. can you say paintball webcast party?? they do it with football and such. unfortunately most ballers are ballling themselves when the webcasts are being shown so this will be a great way to not miss out on all the games. hopefully they will be in HD or close to that (like the webcast was on friday, i think)

  • big dawg

    yeah the stats the psp are using are waaaaaaaaay more interesting and relevant then then nppl stats. although paint consumption is interesting, the psp stats are more relevant information. hard to gather the info id imagine but worth it all the well

  • Mark Larson

    maybe oneday PB will be on sports center. I HOPE!

  • Goldiebash

    if the games from the last event aren’t up by the time the next one happens im going to be irritated. youtube worked just fine last year why not stick with that?

  • Macred

    Still waiting on the D1 and D2 finals. Lets get them up while the event is still fresh in everyone’s minds!!

  • hoovs


  • RankedHigherThanYou

    Everyone just stop complaining. They dont have to do a webcast at all, much less post them after for continual FREE viewing. Take a chill pill and be happy if they realese them at all.,

    • Avana Humppeelot

      on the real talk paintball not a Olympic Sports.. it should tho cuz all the players played diff sports. but MEDIA wise they just see paintball as a sport.. they see little kids chasing each other shotting them with paint guns…SAD let them fools try try the ADDICTION

  • hungryforgames


  • Cat

    why r the videos for 2009

  • Sarge


  • Nmaceman2

    First 3 vids play the others won’t why

  • Chadfaling

    Top 5 plays is an awesome addition!
    Hope you guys continue this.

  • Coreygrenfell

    lotta water

  • kindacoo

    how long untill the phoenix finals are uploaded??

  • Razeandjadith

    Can the VOD section be changed so we can fully buffer the games like on youtube? I only have a slow internet and i have to buffer games since it takes so long. Or there could be a Download file to Hard drive option for those of us that dont live in an area with high speed. I’m on a 3g aircard with verizon and it isnt fast enough to watch this.

    • CKWT

      Please, improve the player to let us Cache on slow connections, It Shouldt be the same as a live stream since there is syn that matters… on a VOD it doesn’t matter, We would like to watchit on slow connections. or enable download of the games!… PLease!!

      Thanks for letting us see this amazing Webcast, this in invaluable for the sport future. you guys are on spot.

    • aimnuts

      get a better internet connection idiot

  • Nmaceman2

    the video of static vs texas storm does not work properly. just a heads up

  • Stephen

    Just wanted to point out that the view counters aren’t working…

  • Juan

    excelentes videos !!! 

  • M.I.S.C.

    CONTINUE THIS I’M SO GLAD THAT PSP HAS COVERAGE LIKE THIS i dont mean to be annoying by typing in all caps I just am excited to see paintball covered like this thank you PSP thats why you guys are better than NPPL

  • yugyhs010

    Alot of the videos are not working for me… 

    • Paintball Access

       Thanks, we are looking into the problem and will have it fixed ASAP.


    NPPL webcast is garbage compared to this.

    Keep up the good work PBA!

  • Hectorjuanlovesgod

    Thanks for the videos guys.

  • Yugyhs010

    what’s the song name for the psp affiliate leagues video?

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  • Alec

    Upton has one 2 games this year. One against Xfactor, one against Vicious

  • Jordan


  • Elbiso2004

    Are the games going to be available to watch after the live streeming?
    Like for the pheonix event?
    Cuz I would really like to watch them…

  • Jtguthrie

    how long does it take to get chi town vids up?

    • Timroberts37

       I’d like to know this as well

  • Javier Ernesto Arce


  • Onefortytwo

    What a bogus penaty on RL, somehow there is always a major on them and an Empire or Dye team wins….. again???  Hmmmmmmm?

  • Heatherbary


  • Tadd65parker

    Nick Slowiak is SO GOOD at announcing. Feel bad that the Heat didn’t make it far, but I love when he and Matty are announcing the finals.

  • Timroberts37

    All Lasoya ever talks about is himself when he commentates it’s so annoying

  • Timroberts37


  • Tommy D

    I’m from England and don’t get to watch paintball on the TV, thanks so much for having this website/channel so I can!! Love paintball man and I really wanna get involved in it, any ideas on how to do it, like Jason wheeler did? Any reply would be great thanks guys and if anyone does live in England, can u let me know how to get stared in a league? Thanks again

  • Poe1513

    revo II vs Colorado d3 final is not working for me.. :(

  • Luke Mummert

    HAHA Linglestown IS right next to Hershey lol

  • Vruzy

    You should make this watchable on phones, or upload it to youtube or something.

  • 88Fan

    I can’t view a majority of these videos on my iPhone. Why?

    • Darren

      We are aware of the problem and working on a solution.

  • Usa007fan

    wait wasnt it matty and nick announcing the finals at 2011 chicago? 

  • Laxm0nkey

    @ 17:30 the damage guy got hit on the loader

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  • Brandon BigDaddy Chance

    love these. anyway u could put a mic on a player??


     Watch Tampa Bay Damage v. Houston Heat
    Tampa Bay Damage v. Houston Heat Pro Quarter Finals at PSP Chicago Open 2012 Day 3 Game 3

    look at 11:15 in the game. TBD guy playing the cake gets shot in the ankle but stays in the entire game. that could have changed the game if called

    • AceMcKay

      That’s just spray off the bunker

  • Ahmadaltaha

    WOW Nick Slowiak why did you put me in the video? 

  • yay

    The quality of the live stream is great, makes my nipples ROCK HARD!

  • Jordan Wohlers

    when is the on demona of MAO gonna be up?

    • Jordan Wohlers


  • Bang Bui

    When will the battle’s videoclip of PSP MAO be uploaded ?!?!?! It’s been quite long already ?!!?!

  • 187FAN

    Where is the MAO 187 vs Dynasty game?

  • 187FAN

    Why was my comment deleted? looking for the MAO 187 Dynasty game footage

  • rjs21


  • Håkon Ingebretsen

    I see some players wearing jersey where it says ¨Player¨ and the psp logo, are there a specific reason for that?(Axel is wearing one in the Heat vs RL game, I also noticed nicky cuba had one too)

    • Paintball Access

      Players wearing those jersey’s for one reason or another did not show up with their jersey. In the past a player might of been allowed to play wearing a teammates jersey. With the Stats collection that is no longer allowed.

  • Colby Carson

    anybody looking for a league this winter in the Texas/Louisiana area, please check out the South Central Paintball Association on facebook. You could possibly win entry to 2013 world cup by playing!

  • RyanW11

    Videos don”t run?? Yet videos run from facebook page. Any ideas?

  • Steffen

    Trying to watch the matches on my ipad, but for some reason the “play”-button won’t appear on those videos. All the other videos, like the interviews, top10 plays and even the 1 hour 39min “The breakdown ep. 3″ is viewable. Anyone here know what to do? Is there an app for this? All help is appreciated :)

  • Ilkka

    Anyone know why I can’t watch any of the actual game videos on an iPad? It changes the video player to show a still picture of the video, but the actual video never loads…

    • Steffen

      Having the same issue.. Hope someone knows how to solve this..?

  • Sullivan

    Great pre-show..but u need to let the others talk man !

  • Abdullah Alhamood

    why the hell did they end the 1st game so fast ?

  • Devin Kahle

    none of these videos ever work for me…any suggestions?

  • paintball 144

    hey just wondering its not playing on my computer anyone know why

  • Colin Donaldson

    Thanks for webcast guys……….
    loving it

  • Colin Donaldson

    seen #87 Edmonton Impact player jonny thompson play on friday but not saturday what happened ?

  • Goldbear42

    Can you put in the JT Kids? That would be great, thanks

  • Abdullah Alhamood

    i would like to join to the national world cup it will be awesome

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  • Sam Bam Dobbs

    Favorite part of the webcast: Todd speaking Espanol, just beautiful :)

  • Lion Heart

    Thanks PBAccess , but the uploaded vids of world cup are not ipad compatible !

  • CadeX

    I love the new navigation upgrades, makes finding videos so much easier. I would love to see a per event graphics page listing the matchup that I could then click on to jump to the needed video for 2013.

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  • tv paintball

    now all we need is for PSP to get together with ESPN and boom paintball on tv

    • 44paintballer

      If they do that then nobody in Canada gets to watch cause ESPN is not available in Canada!

      • deano


        • BTDeltafan101

          And you lose a pretty big viewer audience….

          • Sih

            Did you guys not notice TSN and ESPN’s logos and most popular show (SportsCentre) are nearly identical? This is no accident. ESPN is minority owner of TSN and a lot of TSN’s broadcasting is simulcast from ESPN. An ESPN broadcast would hardly preclude Canadian viewers.

  • swag

    Why has it been freezing so much the past couple days? I know it’s not my connection because youtube works fine, it only happens on pba

  • Gargantua

    u guys gonna do top 10 plays for World cup?

  • NJJ

    The breakdown should cut to important clips they are talking about of playing footage!

  • MattL2011

    Why do none of the game videos work? The breakdown and stuff like that does but none of the game videos will load, they just keep showing me the loading wheel thinger.

  • Amran

    Would be nice if it can be view using mobile/tablet…

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  • CWLovell13

    Wheeler != Rookie, BS call.

  • Brent Blount

    I really like the hot seat shows.

  • Brent Blount

    I really like the dorito cam view. That was different and I liked it! :)

  • Omar Alzahrany


  • Jordan

    The videos work on iPad, except for the games.. Please upload the games in a compatible format.. Everyone with iPad confirms this issue, please fix. Thanks, you guys are great!

  • Dean

    Please update so I can watch the games while on break at work.

  • BluesBaller

    We need an ipad app please! Can’t watch any games on my ipad!

  • yugyhs010

    “If paintball wants to go into the mainstream, making it for yourself is not gonna work anymore.”

  • wespb

    tbd for life

  • mau

    i cant watch VOD on my windows phone. will i be able to watch live webcast?

  • spif

    Snake corner is THE bunker.

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  • Bobbym

    I cant seem to get it to stream on my ipad and im really not trying to miss this any suggestions

  • ReaperBear

    Is it just me or is there no sound?

    • ReaperBear

      doat I have sound now my bad

  • Nicky Smith

    You can watch on the iPad. Mine works.

  • chadfaling

    I’m really impressed with how fast you guys posted the Dallas games! I can’t thank you enough because this allowed me to watch the games I missed due to work :)

  • prawl

    Instead of Saying “Any” for the position slot in the player stats graphic, it should just say something like “All-Around” or “Multi-role”. I think that it just sounds more professional than “Any”.

  • jojo750

    are any of the videos from today working for anyone else?

  • Ichikisu Sandesu

    Not sure if it’s something on my end or not but for some reason, the media player doesn’t show? Using my PC with Windows 7. I missed all of the games today and wanted a chance to watch them if possible. Thank you!

  • VCT

    i can watch these videos all day long,i really love psp live webcast! didnt miss any games today :D !!!

  • Andrew

    Hey I’m having the same problem, it won’t let me watch it on my iPad. Thank you for posting all this though. It’s awesome!

  • nick

    Lauren please,…..shut up!

  • Carlos Cabanzo

    Bobby ,desde colombia tu equipo viendo el Dallas y apoyando a Infamous,dales un saludo de nuestra parte un abrao fuerte a Nicky y a ti mi Hermano,Mucha suerte y fuerza, Tu Ekipo KAO MASTERS

  • G

    Your audio is clipping! Lower input gain please.

  • Matt P. Egidio

    PLEASE take the mic from Chris lasoya…. SO AWEFUL… Other than that the webcast has be amazing, great job fellas!

  • SynystrAssassin

    6:44 on the Dynasty vs Infamous they’re playing Taking Back Sunday! My two favorite things in the whole fucking world mixed into one!

  • Robin

    This Webcast is TV ready!

  • Jamesand Kellie Zuniga


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  • George Kalkowsky

    You guys have a lot of data. What you need to do is figure out which player combinations, 2, 3, 4, 5 players have the highest kills/minute together. It’s a team sport, a team stat like this is almost like assists, great front players play better with great support players with them. Split them up, and their production drops. I’d be interested to see who the best tandem in the game is.

    • AceMcKay

      that would be way too many combinations. theres roughly 10 people per team, so there would be too many outcomes per team.

  • Jud

    is live webcast working today?

  • Wendy Lane

    Loving it here in NZ ….one day we might even see the girls division :o P

  • Raynoone

    Are you going to show the MAO 2013 Pro Finals in the VOD?

  • chris

    what psp mao game was the one where there were a bunch of major penalties in the same point? it was in the highlights too

    • Cblankin15

      Dynasty vs. Ironmen

  • Jarred LaPeire

    Any footage of Hustle vs. D.C.?

  • janne

    Please, upload the games of last event (MAO) here soon !

  • we4ks4uc

    anybody know when the MAO videos are coming up?

  • Thomas Phillip Cody

    hey when are the mao videos going to be up

  • Matt P. Egidio

    Videos wont load…

  • Tommy

    Saturday Games

  • Nilstrar

    Is there an option to view the clips on ipad?

  • Julian Siow

    Does anyone know why the MAO 2013 games won’t load?

  • Mark DeGuzman

    I think at the pro level they should be shooting BRIGHT SHELLS although it’s a advantage as a player shooting darker shell I think it’s much more pleasant to watch the lanes that are being shot and seeing the multiple balls/lanes in the air. A lot more pleasant for spectators to not only see the lanes but the battles for the lanes

  • asthmaticrhino

    I didn’t know “unsportsmanship” was a penalty, or even a word.


    Why is it when I choose a video to watch it never loads? Ive noticed that they havent put all the chicago open games up either was up with that…

  • Bertilicioues

    Hey everyone! Just a suggestion, you should be able to organize videos. So you could just play the first game in the tournament and then lay back and just enjoy the show… BTW thanks for the webcast! You’re awsome!

  • Chad

    Chicago games aren’t playing on my ipad

  • Alistair

    Hey btw, getting a lot freezing for the on demand video. Pretty sure it’s server side.

  • Hysteria Paintball

    I’ve been trying to watch these VODs on this site for over a year. I have a slow connection but i can watch the live stream fine on low quality. However, I get CONSTANT stuttering when watching the VODs. The quality is auto setting itself to high. please allow us to buffer the whole video ( similar to youtube) and allow us to choose the quality level. I personally need 360p to run without a hitch. Thanks for the awesomeness your bringing to paintball!

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  • Brooklyn Bowles

    Dynasty all the WAY!

  • Brandon Bradley

    I know you can pay for HD video during tournaments but is there a way to say, subscribe to get HD all the time? I would be willing to put up some $ for that.

    • Playdoh

      They are in HD once the tourney is over

  • River


  • abdullah alhamoud

    are you guys goin to upload the west coast videos on Video-On-Demand????

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  • Stew

    Should offer these for sale too.